WUKA Period Pants | Review

WUKA Period Pants review

WUKA Period Pants | Review

Recently I’ve been writing a lot about zero-waste and zero-waste lifestyles. I have an article in Glamour magazine and the Huffington Post, and people are reading them! Some lovely people who were reading these posts were WUKA, or Wake Up Kick-Ass who create period pants.

For those of you that don’t know what period pants are, they are pants that you can wear during your period. And you don’t have to wear a tampon, sanitary pad, or menstrual cup whilst wearing them. The lining is your ‘sanitary pad’ equivalent.

Basically, you free bleed into your pants.

A lot of you are probably recoiling thinking that’s disgusting, unhygienic, and smelly. But surprisingly it’s not!

I was sent two pairs and a bralette to try and review. And perfect timing too as they arrived the day I got my period. Woop woop! #FreeThePeriod

I put the period pants on immediately and I had two reactions.

  1. This is bloody comfy!
  2. I could never wear these out of my flat

They are super comfy, with an elasticated waist, mesh slides, and a thick padded lining. They’re also super flattering, so for those of you out there who don’t mind a bit of period sex, these are the ‘sexy undies’ for you.

period pants WUKA

Of course, they’re black and don’t come in any other colour. I imagine white would stain.

Now the issue that I was most concerned with was the smell? Would they smell? How could they not when you’re free-bleeding? Even when you use tampons or sanitary pads you feel a little whiffy after a while, surely wearing bloody pants all day would be the same. It’s not.

I don’t know how they work but whether you’re wearing period pants with a skirt, dress, jeans, or any other form of trousers, they do not smell. The only time any of the ‘period smell’ appears is when you pull down your pants to go to the loo or when you take them off to put them in the wash.

When they’re on, they do not smell.

I think there is some sort of technology, or science, behind why. But honestly, I wore a skirt to white and sat cross-legged all day, and not once did I think I smelt of my period. In fact, I forgot I was on my period entirely!

No sanitary towel rash, no tampon discomfort, or menstrual cup ‘panic-empty’, it was simply a normal day and it felt like I was wearing my normal pants.

How do you clean them?

Simple, put them in a 40c wash on their own, or with other black items, OR wash them first in cold water and then throw them in with your regular ‘dark load.

I wore mine overnight, shoved them in the wash the next morning, came back from work, and hung them up and within a few hours, they were dry, fresh, and ready to wear again.

There is no leakage whatsoever.

Whether you wear them overnight, during the day, or during a strenuous activity like going to the gym, doing your daily jog, or chasing the bus they do not leak.

According to their advertising, they can hold up to 20ml of period blood, the equivalent of four tampons worth, so there’s plenty of room to bleed in these pants.

You don’t feel your period while you’re wearing them either!

I was concerned that when I was walking to work I would feel the blood seeping into the material, or that it wouldn’t absorb it properly but honestly, I didn’t feel a thing. It as I keep saying: it felt like a normal non-period day, in super comfy pants!

Basically, I’m in love with these WUKA period pants!

They’re a little pricey when you buy them, coming in at about £24.99 each or £65-70 for a pack of three, but they’re worth it as far as I can tell.

The elastic is strong, they do seem absorbent and as long as you clean them quickly and within the guidelines that they suggest they are fresh as ever when you try them again. Of course, you should only need to wear them once a week every month so they should last longer than your average pair of pants. Plus think of all the money you would save on not having to buy tampons or sanitary pads.

Plus, think of those days when you wake up and realise you’ve got your period and forgot to buy supplies! Now you just need to whip on a pair of pants. Easy as that.

The only downside I can see with them is that you’ll need to have a constant cycle of washing on the go to keep them fresh and ready to change.

They recommend changing period pants every 4-6 hours during heavy-flow days, 8 hours on slow-flow days, and every morning when you wear them to bed.

This means you need to have more than one pair, probably at least three, and a washing machine that works.

Also, you can’t wear them to go swimming but since I rarely go swimming I can live with that.

But honestly, I am so pleased to have got a pair of period pants and I am a definite convert to wearing them!

Check out WUKA’s website for more details on Period Pants and how they work.

Love Ellie x

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WUKA Period Pants Review

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