Who You Should Date According to your Horoscope

Who You Should Date According To Your Horoscope

Who You Should Date According To Your Horoscope

Time to dust off your horoscope. Tinder is teaming up with astrologer Lisa Stardust to reveal top tips and data about each sign for the Summer of Love.

Last summer, most of us were stuck at home kissing goodbye to our social lives. According to the PEW Research Center, 52% of young adults were living with a parent in July 2020, the highest rate in decades. It looks like things are changing this year though. With restrictions easing and vaccines rolling out, people are excited about getting back out there as temperatures rise.

Since February this year (2021) Tinder has seen a 30% increase in mentions of “summer”, a 34% increase in mentions of ‘vaccine” and a 10% increase in mentions of ‘dates’ in bios[1]. If you’re interested in astrology statistics you can visit this page.

In times of uncertainty it’s not surprising that people look to astrology and their horoscope when thinking about the future. Mentions of ‘astrology’ have increased by 106% over the past year in Tinder bios[2].

In order to prepare for the summer of love and endless romantic possibilities, we’ve provided your astrological forecast to use the good vibes to the maximum potential.’ explains astrologer,  Lisa Stardust.

Here’s what every sign needs to know about swiping on Tinder this summer


You’re not a player, you just crush a lot. Therefore, going on as many Face to Face pre-dates as possible is important to do before meeting matches IRL to filter out the best matches for you. Once you’ve vibed with a few sweet boos, you can totally meet up and have the best dates ever—we’re thinking of a friendly competitive game of table football or miniature golf to ignite your passionate romantic nature. This is the perfect time to get creative with daters choosing more original, personal, and casual first date activities than in the past. For example, Tinder saw a 3X increase in mentions of ‘rollerskating’ in bios and requests for date activities from fort building to snowball fights pop up in bios[3].

Tinder reveals Aries matches most on Tinder with Libra, Virgo and Leo

Aries Dating


You are open to chatting it up with anyone who reaches out after you’ve matched with them, which means that your messages are always filled to max capacity. In order to suss out the perfect matches, you will have to call in your friends for guidance in helping you to ask questions that will cut to the core of the conversation and give you the real tea on their personality. If your mates aren’t quite up to the job you can also use Tinder’s Vibes feature to vibe check with people before you’ve even matched. After all it’s important to know if you’re both pineapple on pizza types right? Actually, Taurus is one of the top signs to include both ‘food’ and ‘drinks’ in their bio.

Tinder reveals Taurus matches most on Tinder with Taurus, Libra and Aries.

Taurus Dating


Don’t share too much before meeting up. Being a little mysterious with your Tinder crushes will keep them on their toes with anticipation whenever they see a message from you and the spark popping all summer long. Also, they will be looking forward to getting to know you better and getting super chatty when you hang out. Prepare yourself for deep discussions about everything—which TBH is your ideal date, Gemini. Luckily for you a lot of people are looking for the same thing. In the run up to summer there’s been a 10% increase in mentions of “discussions”[4] in Tinder bios and expressions like ‘normalize’[5] are being mentioned 15 times more in bios.

Tinder reveals Gemini matches most on Tinder with Sagittarius, Aquarius and Cancer

Gemini Dating


It’s time for you to come out of your shell. Whether you’re looking for a STR (short term relationship) or LTR (long term relationship), the most important thing is that you aren’t shy in swiping right and making the first move in matching with a prospective boo. This means sliding into their DMs with charm and taking the initiative in communicating with them. Don’t stress about it, you can even send a hilarious GIF to break the ice. Opening with a GIF increases your chances of getting a response on Tinder by 30% – and conversations with a GIF are 2x longer than those without. Seems like a no brainer.

Tinder reveals Cancer matches most on Tinder with Aquarius, Capricorn and Sagittarius

Cancer Dating


Add a few thirst traps and video loops to your profile daily to showcase your activities and friends and get the attention of new matches (an endeavor you will totally be down for as the proud and theatrical Leo you are). Give your profile the daily TLC (tender loving care) it deserves to attract new matches and totally crush your dating life. Gen Z are updating their profiles 3X more often than they did pre-pandemic. Some more top tips for the road: smiling in your first photo gets 10% more Likes while getting artsy with a black-and-white photo increases your Likes by 2%.

Tinder reveals Leo matches most on Tinder with Aries, Gemini and Libra

Leo Dating


Real talk: You’re looking for more than a casual hookup this summer, which means that you’ll have to be as inquisitive as possible with your matches when deciphering if you want to chill together. Ask a few questions about their life to see if they’re on the same page as you. Hookups are easy, but love takes work. Put the effort into cultivating the type of relationship you truly want, be clear about what you’re looking for in your profile and be authentic. According to recent research from Tinder, half of Gen Zs are looking for someone ‘honest, authentic and truly themselves’.

Tinder reveals Virgo matches most on Tinder with Scorpio, Aries and Libra

Virgo Dating


First impressions can be deceiving. Before you bench or breadcrumb someone, give them the benefit of the doubt (especially if you find out that they are a friend of a friend). You never know when or with whom romance will happen, which is why it’s best for you to give a chance to every match that you’re not completely over the moon about more time to prove themselves to you. There’s never been a better time to take your time getting to know someone on Tinder. Gen Z are spending more time talking on Tinder, as 19% more messages were sent per day in Feb 2021, compared to Feb 2020.

Tinder reveals Libra matches most on Tinder with Aries, Virgo and Taurus

Libra Dating Horoscope


Being the all-consuming Scorpio that you are, it’s hard to find a work-life balance. Instead of spending your nights dealing with drama from work, scroll through Tinder to connect with a pending new crush. You’ll meet an ideal partner (or three) if you hop off your Slack account and login to your Tinder account. Be sure to give your profile some love, like you’d give anything of importance to you. If you’re proud about what you do, put it in your profile. Scorpios often identify as ‘entrepreneurs’ in their Tinder bios. They are up there in terms of how much they swipe, but are one of the slowest signs to respond. So remember to invest your time wisely.

Tinder reveals Scorpio matches most on Tinder with Virgo, Aries and Pisces

Scorpio Dating 


They say opposites attract. This rings true to your dating life, as you like people who challenge your intellect. Right now, you are looking to make a connection with someone who is exciting and anything but ‘cheugy’. You are most likely of all the signs to use words like “spontaneity” and “fun” in your bios. Shake things up by looking for others who are not necessarily your “type” and have different opinions than you. This should keep the interactions lively and make you think outside of the box. Sagittarius’ are among the least likely to swipe right, but tend to send the first message when they do like someone.

Tinder reveals Sagittarius matches most on Tinder with Capricorn, Aquarius and Gemini

Sagittarius Dating 


Freckling season has begun for you, Capricorn. This means that you’re getting and giving all the seasonal lovey-dovey feels. Rather than being all into your new romance, you’re wanting to link up with someone special during the summer months. Words of advice: Be honest about your desire for a low key romance. Then, you can have fun without having the stress of giving more to your matches right now. Capricorns are least likely to include their sign in their profile out of all the signs. Being honest about who you are and what you’re looking for on your profile is key to living your best dating life this summer Capricorn.

Tinder reveals Capricorn matches most on Tinder with Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini

Capricorn Dating Horoscope


Being in a long distance situationship won’t have a dampening effect on your dating life. If it means finding the best match for yourself, then you’re totally down. In fact, it will be beneficial to get to know them. You can plan a road trip to meet them as things heat up. Instead of limiting yourself to only dating within your neighborhood, use the passport feature to increase your matches and open your horizons. Maybe also brush up on a new language as 76% of members using Passport are making matches in a country that speaks a language different than their own!

Tinder reveals Aquarius matches most on Tinder with Sagittarius, Capricorn and Gemini

Aquarius Dating


Be careful when swiping left and right, Pisces! In a momentary distraction, you may overlook a few matches who are amazing and regret not taking the leap in wanting to connect with them. Luckily, the rewind feature on the app will let you go through potential romances who you overlooked. Now you have no reason to not find them again. You can even go back to older matches if you let the conversation die out. After all, Pisces are the slowest to respond to messages on Tinder out of all of the signs. Why not go back with a cheeky icebreaker to get the conversation going again?

Tinder reveals Pisces matches most on Tinder with Aquarius, Cancer and Capricorn

Pisces Dating Horoscope

Lisa Stardust:

Lisa Stardust is the resident astrologer at Oprah Daily, Teen Vogue, The Hoodwitch and The Today Show. Stardust is the author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage from Hardie Grant Publishing and The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos from Chronicle Books. Follow her @lisastsrdustastro on Instagram or visit her website for more astrological goodness.

Based on your horoscope who should you date? Let me know in the comments below. You can find out more about your horoscope, astrology and Saturn Return in my recently released novel What Planet Can I Blame This On? Out now in ebook and paperback.

Disclaimer: This is a contributed post.

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