What’s in my Bag | Everyday Edition

What's in my Bag | Everyday Edition

What’s in my Bag | Everyday Edition

What’s in my bag posts are some of my favourite lifestyle posts to read on blogs. There’s something nosy and addictive in knowing what other people take around with them on a daily basis.

I thought I would do one to fill in that slot of information of what I carry around, although I think it is pretty standard.

The Bag

My wonderful bag was a gift from my parents for my 21st. It is a Yoshi leather handbag covered with book. I love it! It’s also pretty fun to take around town or to work as I can always spots someone reading the titles and going ‘Yes, yes, no, no, yes’ over which ones they’ve read. Plus it’s a gorgeously tactile handbag and fits everything I need.


My purse is from Yoshi, as is my handbag, but they are two different designs. My purse holds the mediocre stuff: money (typically) endless loyalty cards, stamps, receipts and ID. I have my keys which has a few fob cards on as well. My travel card which has been extremely helpful over my University lifetime and remains so and my Yoshi handbag/purse which I’ll explain in a bit.

My Creative Things

I have to carry a notebook around with me! Currently, that is my Bullet Journal (Paperchase Agenzio line, notebook £11). I get a lot of random story ideas whilst wandering around town or on the train so I like to have paper and pen close by. My pencil case. Yes, it has Tinkerbell on it. I have had this purse since I was 12/13 years old and it is still doing me proud. It is filled with different colour pens – I’m rebelling against writing in black/blue after 14 years of education! Now I write in PINK!
And then I also have my book of the moment and that is Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. I am doing a lot of soul-searching/feminist considerations at the moment so this is filling my mind with wonder.


There are hardly any. I rarely take make-up with me, except for my lipstick of the day. This red-lipstick is from L’Oreal Paris and it’s Blake’s Pure Red. It’s definitely my favourite red right now! I always carry a Babylips with me, as I like to hydrate my lips during the day. This is the yellow Babylips ‘Intense Care’. Then I have my sunglasses, which I’ve hardly had any reason to use lately!

My Health Essentials

Now for the boring stuff. I have your standard kit of health things. From my nail file to tissues and my little purse of paracetamol and plasters. I use to carry a load of painkillers around with me at University – as if I didn’t need them someone else did! I was a regular mother like that. Don’t need to do that so much now I’m home. I also have my sanitary towel case for those ‘caught at surprise’ moments we all have.
And finally

My Electronics

I’ve not got to that ‘’dragging the charger with me’ moment yet, but I’m sure I will one day. I have my phone – although this is only my awesome Disney case – which is an iPhone 6 and then my chunky iPod which is an iPod Video. Plus my Apple earphones.
So there we go. That is my bag. Like I said everything is pretty standard but I change it up depending on the outing occasionally and I’ll soon be going on holiday to New York so I might do a Holiday special! We’ll see.
Let me know if you’ve done any posts like these, as you know I love to read them!
Love Ellie x

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  1. I LOVED this! I think the honest to god genuine day to day bags are the most interesting! Your bag is uhhhhhhhhmazing!!! I am in love, I've never seen anything like it! And your phone case is adorable! I read Lena Dunham's book – how're you finding it? I really enjoyed it but I found it really hard to get into originally


  2. Aww! Thank you – I really was inspired by yours! 🙂 Ebay is a wondrous place for phone cases – particularly silly Disney ones! I've only just started it but I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would, the structure's a bit odd though. Thanks for reading!! x

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