What ‘The Multi-Hyphen Method’ Taught Us About Our Careers

The Multi-Hyphen Method

What The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon Taught Us About Our Careers

Ever wanted to be doing something more than just your current job? Then read this book.
I don’t want to give up my job – I love it! – but it is not the be-all-and-end-all of my life description.

I am not just a Marketing Manager, I am also a freelance journalist and hopeful-novelist. On top of that, I am a public speaker and educator on social media/zero-waste lifestyle. And I became all of the above after I read The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon.

I’ve mentioned Emma Gannon before because she is the queen of inspiration for me!

Her book which was released in May 2018 has pushed me to develop my careers into exactly what I wanted it to be.

Here are a few lessons that The Multi-Hyphen Method taught me

Be Unapologetic

If you’re British, like me, you’ll find that you apologise a lot more than other people. When you’re a multi-hyphenate you do not need to apologise for having multiple careers or multiple sources of income.

If you’re doing multiple things because you love them then there is no need to tell anyone that you’re sorry you’re too busy to do something because you’re working on something else. Or apologise for working differently.

Take breaks

At work, I was known for working through my lunch breaks, but when this ended with me having a momentary breakdown in a meeting with my boss after four months I realised I needed to stop. I was getting major burnout, feeling less creative by the day and ultimately exhausting myself to the point of barely doing anything but working.

When you’re a multi-hyphenate you may feel that you have to spend every waking moment working on something but you must not. You have to take breaks. This will enforce your creative, give you time to reflect and ultimately focus and complete tasks a lot quicker.

Set Boundaries

A bit like setting yourself deadlines set yourself some boundaries. Make some rules for you to follow, like taking breaks and leaving one day a week for separate tasks. You’ll find yourself enjoying your working career a lot more. And remember, it’s okay to say no.

You’re a Multi-Hyphenate not a Multi-Tasker

Just because you have different streams of work does not make you a multi-tasker. Multi-tasking is not good for you and leads to burn-out but being a multi-hyphenate is good for you and leaves you feeling creatively fulfilled.

Start small and grow your micro-audience

Rome was not built in a day. Remember! Figure out exactly what it is you want to achieve and go forth. When you go to post a picture or a message reflect and think back to why you’re posting that specific thing and what you hope to achieve from it. Grow yourself a dedicated and interested audience and the rest will follow.

You can buy The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon at all good books stores and in ebook.

Love Ellie x

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What 'The Multi-Hyphen Method' Taught Us About Our Careers

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