What Adulting means to me?

What Adulting means to me

What Adulting means to me?

I’m 23, so I haven’t been an ‘adult‘ for long. But I’ve realised some things about adulting – mainly that no one has a clue what the hell adulting is and none of us feels like adults.

Here are some ideas for what adulting means to me:

  1. Googling how to do things – no adult just knows, they google everything!
  2. Realising that only you can decide if you’re too ill for work – not your mum, not your teacher or your friend: YOU!
  3. Being responsible for all bills – and not just your Netflix one. TV licence, internet, council tax, electricity, gas, water, phone, Netflix, Amazon Prime… and then wondering why you’re always broke.
  4. Seeing someone from the school in the street, hoping they don’t spot you, shouting Hey! really loudly when they do, hugging them whilst thinking: I hated you then, I hate you now
  5. Thinking you’ll spend your ‘adult’ weekends doing lots of exciting and cultural things with friends and family, only to binge-watch Netflix and eat crap in your bra and pants
  6. Being told to drink water for every ailment – headache, drink water. Stomach ache, drink water. Period cramps: drink water. Yellow Fever: drink water. Death: should have drunk more water.
  7. Looking for an adultier adult in tough situations
  8. Discussing mortgage rates, life insurance, and car payments at the dinner table with other 23-27-year-olds – while none of you actually have them
  9. Not caring about whether you’ve shaved your legs until the sun comes out and starts highlighting every strand of hair on your body
  10. Thinking you’ll have an awesome wardrobe full of designer clothes … in fact, you’re wearing the same clothes you wore whilst at uni and at least two shirts/trousers have holes in
  11. Dropping off, paying for, and picking up dry-cleaning – WTF is this magic!
  12. Wondering why at 8 you thought you would be an adult at 18. At 18 thinking you’ll be an adult when you rent your own flat. When you rent your own flat, think you’re an adult when you’re in a stable relationship. Or when you’re in a stable relationship thinking you’ll be an adult when you’ve got kids. When you’ve got kids thinking you’ll be an adult when they’ve grown up. Or when they’ve grown up and you’ve got grandkids thinking you’ll be an adult when… basically you never think you’re an adult.

What does #Adulting mean to you? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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#Adulting means to me

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