Websites to Browse for Book Lovers

Websites to Browse for Book Lovers

Websites to Browse for Book Lovers

Whether you’re in self-isolation, or simply love to browse book websites, I have the ultimate list of websites to browse for book lovers.

As a publishing professional, book blogger, writer, and genuine lover of books I spend a lot of time on the internet searching for new books to read and review all the time.

Today I thought I would share links to a few websites and apps that I think book lovers will enjoy! Not only are they fun to browse, but they’re also really useful and not always well-known.


If you love audiobooks or think you could love them, then download BookBeat! For £13.99 you have access to ALL of the audiobooks on their system, plus they’re updated every day! This is not an audiobook app sharing only classics recorded back in 2001, but brand new, top-of-the-chart books like Strangers by C.L. Taylor, Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth, My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen among countless others. I love it.

Also, some book series on here if you need a binge-listen. The Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent series, A Song of Ice and Fire series etc.


Book bloggers, booksellers, librarians, and educators gather. This website gives you access to books not yet published. The reason is to get your thoughts pre-publication. As a Marketing Manager, this website is paramount for me, as what readers say can really impact a book’s marketing and publicity campaign. It’s also great for helping us decide on the next books and future commissions. For readers though, it’s a brilliant website to access books before anyone else!

Simply request a book you want, download it, and then review it. The more books you review the higher chance your requests will be accepted!

List Challenges

I love a list, I really do. From To-Do Lists to Shopping Lists to Lists of Books I’ve Read. This website holds a collection of lists, created by anyone, on various topics. My favourite is the Books section, obviously. You just click on the books you’ve read and at the end, it tells you if you’re below or above the average. It’s addictive! But also a great place to find new books to read.

World of Books

As a bargain hunter, second-hand books are my jam. I also love getting a pristine, never-before-read copy of a book from Independent stores and Waterstones, but I love secondhand books too. This is my fave website for ordering those books when I’m at the latter end of payday. They also run really good deals – normally. During COVID-19 prices have gone up to tackle the issues with delivery. Fair enough.


If you’re a big fan of ebooks, on any platform, then BookBub is worth signing up to. A daily newsletter with the latest 99p-£2.99 book deals. You can choose your preferred genres and your territories and every few days this is usually a gem in there! Great if you love a bargain, or want to keep an eye on your favourite author’s book deals.


And last, but not least, an obvious one. Goodreads is great for leaving and reading reviews, as well as monitoring what you read and what you want to. I regularly do the Reading Challenge each year. Currently, I’m challenging myself to read 100 books in one year, roughly two books a week.

What are your favourite websites to browse for books and book-related content? If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below, so everyone can enjoy a browse.

Love Ellie x

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