The Ultimate Cosy Essentials Checklist

Ultimate Cosy Essentials Checklist

The Ultimate Cosy Essentials Checklist

I’m a big fan of self care but since it’s November and nearing Winter it’s time to focus on the cosy side of self-care.

Ultimate Cosy Essentials Checklist


Get those candles burning! The Christmas scented ones or simply your favourite ones, the dull light, flickering flame and scent are just what you need to wind down. Simple Poundland ones will do.

Blankets and Duvets

Time to snuggle up, or snuggle down, get your favourite blanket or duvet and get comfy. Nothing like being warm and snug to relax.

The Ultimate Cosy Essentials Checklist

Netflix, Amazon, DVD or TV

Get your favourite show, movie or past-time documentary on the big or little screen. Like watching Bargain Hunt? Do it! Want to watch a Horror movie at Christmas, sure thing. Whatever helps you wind down, no shame.

Chocolate or your favourite food

I’m a massive Chocolate fan so there’s nothing more I like than a good chocolate binge, but for some, a satsuma is their favourite food. Or cheesy pasta or a McDonalds or pitta and hummus. Whatever your favourite snack food is, go and get it.

Pyjamas or lazy clothes

I don’t really own PJs I just wear clothes I wouldn’t wear outside to bed. An old t-shirt, some shorts or a super big jumper. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, as long as it’s not a starched work shirt and jeans.

Hot drink, or your favourite drink

Hot chocolate is my go-to cosy drink but for others, it could be a can of Coca Cola or an ice-cold bottle of water. Whatever it is, grab it.

Take off your make-up and let down your hair

There’s nothing worse than itching your eye and smearing your mascara or being poked in the skull by a hair clip. Take it all off and simply relax your face muscles. The day is over. Relax.

Those are my top tips. What cosy top tips would you suggest?

Love Ellie x

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The Ultimate Cosy Essentials Checklist

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