Why are Millennials so Lonely?

Why are Millennials so lonely

Why are Millennials so Lonely?

Hello and welcome to my brand new podcast This Millennial Mess. The fourth episode of this season is asking the question of Why are Millennials so lonely?

Millennials are supposedly the loneliest ever generation and we fear loneliness more than any other generation of people. But why? We invented social media. We’re setting up work-sharing spaces in order to socialise whilst freelancing. We’re breaking the mental health stigma. So why are we all so lonely?

I use my personal story of loneliness to break this question down, along with facts from various surveys and studies on the millennial generation. What is causing us millennials to experience the loneliness like no other? And how do we break this cycle?

Let me know what your experiences of loneliness have been and always know that I am around to talk about this topic. No one should suffer in silence.

Why are millennials so lonely?

Each week I will be discussing a topic relevant to millennials and our everyday lives, sometimes with guests and sometimes alone. Breaking down the coming-of-age process and making sure we’re living life to the full… Just kidding, this is a podcast for introverts on their commute who want to know they’re not screwing up life. Trust me, you’re not!

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