This Millennial Mess

This Millennial Mess

This Millennial Mess

Hello and welcome to my brand new podcast.

A podcast for twenty something millennials navigating life amidst Brexit, Trump, social media and much, much more.

Each week I will be discussing a topic relevant to millennials and our everyday lives, sometimes with guests and sometimes alone. Breaking down the coming-of-age process and making sure we’re living life to the full… Just kidding, this is a podcast for introverts on their commute who want to know they’re not screwing up life. Trust me, you’re not!

Available to listen and download via my blog or iTunes Podcasts now.

So sit back, plug in and enjoy. And if you do enjoy leave a comment or a rating, as I’m a narcissistic snowflake in need of constant validation.


#1 Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social

#2 Adulting 101 | How to Adult

#3 The Me Me Me Generation

#4 Why Are Millennials So Lonely

#5 How Millennials are Ruining Children’s Toys and Movies

#6 Half Of All Millennials Have a Side Hustle

#7 Finding Ourselves in Millennial Fiction

#8 Millennial Money: Why We Don’t Have Any


Love Ellie x

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