The Me Me Me Generation

The Me Me Me Generation

The Me Me Me Generation

Hello and welcome to my brand new podcast This Millennial MessThe third episode of this season is all about breaking down the millennial title of The Me Me Me Generation.

How many of us have been called self-obsessed, lazy entitled, or narcissistic? I certainly have, all because of the generation I was born into. It’s time to break this down and explain why we are and why we are not part of the Me Me Me Generation!

The Me Me Me Generation

From explaining my own experiences of selfies to family mottos all the way to statistics about so-called fame-obsessed teenagers.

Let me know what your experiences of being part of the Me Me Me generation have been in the comments below and let’s chat! As a millennial I love a good natter – but only via social media and WhatsApp and since this post is all about me, let’s do it my way.

Each week I will be discussing a topic relevant to millennials and our everyday lives, sometimes with guests and sometimes alone. Breaking down the coming-of-age process and making sure we’re living life to the full… Just kidding, this is a podcast for introverts on their commute who want to know they’re not screwing up life. Trust me, you’re not!

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The Me Me Me Generation – TIME article 2013

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