Thirty 30 Day Challenge Ideas

Thirty 30 Day Challenge Ideas

Thirty 30 Day Challenge Ideas

I love a 30 day challenge, I do them quite regularly. Recently I did the 30 Books in 30 Day Challenge, and today I’m sharing a list of thirty 30 day challenge ideas to help people get started with their own 30 day challenges.


  • No-Spend Challenge
  • Savings Challenge – Save £1/£5/£10 a day
  • Track your spending 
  • Only pay in cash challenge


  • New Recipe a day
  • Vegetarian for 30 days
  • No chocolate for 30 days

Health & Fitness

  • 10k steps a day
  • Plank Challenge (30 secs for 1 week, 1 minute for next, 1.5 minutes for next, 2 mins for last week)
  • Exercising for 5 minutes every day


  • Declutter a different area every day i.e. Fridge, Bookcase, Desk etc
  • Donate an item a day
  • Tidy the house


  • Write 3k words a day
  • Write a poem a day
  • Journal every day
  • Submit a freelance article idea every day


  • Risk challenge i.e. go on a blind date, try a new take-out, change your route to work, talk to a stranger etc
  • Take a photo a day
  • No complaining
  • Say a daily affirmation


  • Daily Family activity
  • 30 Days until baby i.e. pack your labour bag, build the cot, hang the mobile etc
  • Take a 1 sec video with the family each day


  • Halloween Film a day
  • Christmas film a day
  • Autumn 30 Day Challenge i.e. visit a pumpkin patch, drink a pumpkin spiced latte etc
  • Carve a Pumpkin Challenge


  • Learn a new word every day
  • Random Act of Kindness challenge

There we have it. Thirty 30 day challenge ideas. Let me know if you are going to attempt any in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Thirty 30 Day Challenge Ideas

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