Things I Won’t Be Doing During Self Isolation

Things I won't be doing during self isolation

Things I Won’t Be Doing During Self Isolation

Since we’re all in isolation a lot of trends appear to be happening, and today I wanted to share exactly what it is that I won’t be doing during self-isolation. Not out of rebellion,  but simply because I can’t be bothered.

Also, my mother ingrained the lesson ‘don’t be a sheep!’ from a young age. And I’m incredibly stubborn.

Baking Banana Bread

I really hate bananas, so why would I make banana bread? Every time I click on Twitter or flick through Instagram there is a loaf of bloody banana bread. It’s an attack of the banana bread!

Doing PE Class with Joe Wicks

Watching my sister and her future sister-in-law doing this via the family WhatsApp is enough for me. I’ve yet to do any at home-exercise, and whilst that may be bad for my waistband it wasn’t something I was doing before so I don’t see the point of starting now for the simple fact I’m in isolation. But go for it, by all means.

Worrying about my bushy eyebrows

People saying the word ‘unprecedented’ and complaining about their eyebrows have become my biggest pet peeves of this whole situation. They’re eyebrows! Who gives a shit what they look like!

Shaving my head

I’m currently growing my hair for my sister’s wedding and I think she would legitimately murder me if I did this. Otherwise, I might have done it.

Going for a run

I find it terrifying enough to go for a walk around the street, I’m not about to take up running because the government says I can. The government also says I can shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow if he enters the City of York on any day apart from Sunday… but I don’t, do I.

Learning a new language

I downloaded DuoLingo about three years ago. I never opened it… enough said.

Playing Animal Crossing

I can understand the need for spending time in the ‘garden’ but when we have an actual garden I feel like a privileged millionaire, and because of that, I would rather use my real garden than make my own via my phone or PC.

What ‘trends’ or things are you not doing during self-isolation? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Things I won't be doing during self isolation

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