Things I Want to do Post-Lockdown

Things I Want to do Post-Lockdown

Things I Want to do Post-Lockdown

I imagine we all have a lot of hopeful post-lockdown plans, but who knows when we’ll get out of this current lifestyle.

Have a house-warming party

Just before lockdown I had moved into my own flat and it as a proper maisonette which basically means space! I was dreaming of getting the place decorated and homey before throwing a house-warming. I’m still planning on doing it, but that this rate it will be more of a ‘we can stop social distancing’ party!

See friends for dinner in restaurants

I miss my monthly catch-up with my friends. From the one-on-one lunches and cheeky Nandos, to the scheduled in advance chats with the girls. I miss being able to meet-up with my bestie for a drink after work or a coffee in Central.

Get a facial at a spa

The break-outs are bad. My face has decided that since I’ve moved home that clearly I must be returning to my teenage years, as such my skin has acted accordingly. I need a facial desperately. Plus, wouldn’t it by nice to have a massage right now.

Go on holiday somewhere in the UK

I’m not likely to go travelling far and wide after this, but jumping on a train and travelling to somewhere in the UK that I’ve never been before sounds brilliant. Maybe I’ll go to Wales – never been – or back to the Lake District? Who knows. Anywhere!

See my little cousins

I miss my cousins ridiculously badly! It’s like I’m missing them growing up – even though it’s only been a few months – but that’s a lot in childhood. I will demand the biggest hugs, and I’ll spoil them rotten. Plus it will be lovely to see their parents too.

Go to the cinema and eat proper cinema popcorn

I haven’t seen a new Marvel movie in over nine months… that hasn’t happened since 2008.

Browse in a Bookshop

The smell of books, the aches from carrying too many around the shop before deciding which ones you’re actually going to buy. The delight you get when you get home and open your bag to look at the books you just purchased. God I miss that.

What are you looking forward to doing post-lockdown? Are you desperate to see friends and family and actually be able to touch them? Or are you like me and after a little of the old normality? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Things I Want to do Post-Lockdown

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