Sunday Reset: How to Create the Perfect Routine

Sunday Reset: How to Create the Perfect Routine

Sunday Reset: How to Create the Perfect Routine

A Sunday reset is when you take a portion of your day, or all day, to prepare for the week ahead. This can look like many things. For some, it means cleaning the house from top to bottom. For others, it means prepping meal plans and arranging their paperwork.

Here is how you can create the perfect Sunday reset routine.

Start by deciding on your priorities. What is going to be most beneficial for your that week? Is it having a tidy house or a clean desk? Does it mean getting that task completed that you’ve been procrastinating about?

Organize your kitchen

A job we probably all need to do more of. Put away your washing up, and clean the stove top and wipe down the surfaces. Organize your kitchen cupboards and do an inventory of the food you have to ensure its in-date and whether you need to replace anything in your next shop.

Write lists

After you’ve cleaned your kitchen and got an idea of the items you need to replace or top up, write a list. From that list start writing a meal plan so that you know precisely what you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that week. At this point, you could do some batch cooking, if that’s what you prefer.

Finish any paperwork

Have you had any bills through the post that you’ve thrown on the table but not looked at or filed? What about receipts and proof of returns? I always have little bits of paper I need to keep in case of emergencies, and I always end up losing them. Spend this time filing them away or throwing out the ones you don’t need to avoid clutter.

Clear your work area

If you work from home part of the week, like many of us now do, this is the perfect time to organize your workspace. From clearing and wiping down your desk to making sure you have all the right equipment for the week ahead. I sometimes like to test my pens to ensure I’m not keeping any dead ones, and to ensure I had all the stationery I need. Also, a clear workspace makes for a much less stressful work week, I’ve found.

Put away all items

If you have any items out – books, paperwork, odds and ends – put them away. I always have little things on my side table by my sofa or my bed. My coffee table is always littered with hair grips, hairbands, candles, matches etc. Take this time to put them in their proper place.

Use plug-ins and candles

Light some candles and change your plug-in scent booster, to make your house smell extra lovely. I also like to change my bedding and do the washing on Sunday, if I haven’t already done it in the week.


And finally, hoover. Always does the trick at making the house feel extra clean.

What do you do for your Sunday reset? Let me know in the comments below. It’s a great way to end one week and start another.

Love Ellie x

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Sunday Reset: How to Create the Perfect Routine

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