Smart Girl Tribe Summit

Smart Girl Tribe Summit

Smart Girl Tribe Summit

Last week I attended the first-ever Smart Girl Tribe Summit, led by the founder of Smart Girl Tribe Scarlet Clark.

Scarlet contacted me via Instagram asking if I would like to attend and looking at the line-up and what was on offer I said yes.

Tickets were just £25 and for that price, you had the opportunity to have your hair done by Aveda professionals, listen to two top panels, and network with other female entrepreneurs and side hustlers.

Smart Girl Summit: The Event

The event was held at Aveda’s hair salon in Holborn from 6:30 until 9:00 pm. I had to catch a train so I left at 8:30 before I got a chance to properly network but I still make some very friendly and interesting women. Including Soma, a happy mentor! Hi Soma.

We bonded over our love of period dramas and our opinions on burnout and careers.

Scarlet Clark

The event began with a drink – rose lemonade never tasted so good! – and then the event opened with a panel including:

Chaired by a BBC journalist – whose name escapes me!

The panel focused on how these four women started three successful businesses. From talking their way into the room, as Christina and her co-founders did in order to secure a major PR event for Girls Trip the movie. To start a business against all of the odds and what everyone expected of you, as the girls from Go Get Glitter did.

Scarlett was only 19 when she founded Smart Girl Tribe. Now she is a twenty-something success and a leading women’s empowerment expert.

They were really experienced, phenomenal and inspiring women. All of their stories were great, hilarious, and entirely believable. From the fact that the Go Get Glitter girls still struggle to explain their business to their dads. Or the fact that Christina gets told off like a little girl even though she is a qualified businesswoman. She got told off because someone said hello to Oprah Winfrey by the way – calm your tits, Oprah!

I learned a lot from all of them, from how to talk your way up, how to believe in yourself, and how to ignore everyone else.

The Celebrity-Guest

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Jamie Laing before this event. Apparently, he is the creator of Candy Kittens and a Made in Chelsea TV star. A lot of people I know, know him (mostly because of his disastrous social life) but I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jamie Laing

He was a fantastic speaker. Even though the irony of the fact a male entrepreneur was leading a panel on female empowerment was not lost on me. In fact, he was very good at staying on topic and talking about the women in his life who had inspired him and had given him his drive to succeed. Most specifically his mother and sisters.

He plugged his upcoming podcast MOVE (Motivation, Opportunity, Vision, Entrepreneurship) and his company Candy Kittens. But he spent most of his time discussing anxiety, mental health, and how to push forward and carry on. All of which resonated with me, as someone with generalised anxiety disorder.

Smart Girl Tribe

This was a great event! Well worth the money for the ticket. The goodie bag was lovely – although I’ll admit I gave most of it to my mum and friends as I’m not a green tea, food supplement, candy kittens kind of gal (but that’s just me!)

I met Scarlet briefly as I was going out of the door and she is a gem. I can’t wait to continue to watch her journey and be a champion for Smart Girl Tribe.

Love Ellie x

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