Skills I Want to Learn | Bucket List

Skills I Want to Learn

Skills I Want to Learn | Bucket List

I am big on learning. I have a degree, I took two extra GCSEs (after-school) and I taught myself French when I was 14 years old. Also, I love museums, history, and art (thanks, Freyja!), and generally am very curious. But there are still SO many skills I would love to do one day.

Ice Skating

I want to learn how to ice skate. I am pretty good at just skating around a rink, apparently, I have a pretty good centre of gravity, and can get my stride after about 30 minutes of oh-dear-god-I’m-going-to-fall, but I want to learn how to properly skate. To glide, lift my foot, skate backward, do a spin, and maybe a little jump. I have loved it ever since I saw Ice Princess on Disney!

Sign Language

I had hearing problems as a child, and I have relatives with hearing problems now. It is likely that when I am older my hearing issues will come back to haunt me and before then I would love to learn sign language. I think it is possibly the most beautiful language you can learn; it is expressive, personable and so interesting to watch, let alone have a conversation fluently.


I can cook, the basics and some good home meals. But I would love to be able to make my way through a French cookbook without fear of not knowing what something means or is. I watch The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef thinking about the tools and foods they use that I have never heard of but they all sound so great! I want to be able to appreciate food as much as they do on those shows.

Skills I Want to Learn


I had a teacher who was the most incredible pianist. I would never tell him so – mostly because he already knew and because he had the world’s largest ego! – but he was insanely talented. I can only dream of being able to play the piano as he could, but I’ve always admired the skill and would like to learn how to play a few chords and maybe a whole song one day. It seems very relaxing.


Once upon a time, I could knit. When I was in primary school my classmates would go swimming, but due to my previously mentioned hearing problems I used to remain and sit alone with a teacher’s assistant and knit. Of course, that’s what you do when you’re 10 years old and have nothing else to do. No wonder people say I act like a granny now, I’ve been rehearsing for the role my whole life! I can’t remember how to knit these days but I do remember how therapeutic it was, and the fact that at the end of it I had a blanket! Everyone loves a blanket.


I can barely do bubble writing, and it looks atrocious when I do. Fountain pens are a weakness of mine – I have one and I got it insured because I’m so afraid of breaking/losing it! I love it that much – It’s just a shame that I can’t do the proper calligraphy with it. Does anyone else watch those calligraphy videos on Facebook/YouTube and get instant satisfaction? I do!


I’m learning… slowly. I got a fancy camera for myself last year and I really enjoy using it, although I still can’t tell you what half the buttons do and I can’t take pictures at night. I want to be able to capture gorgeous candid photos that I can share. One of the things I’ve realised lately is how much I love family photos, and how important they are when the people in them are gone. A photograph can say a thousand things about a person whilst a description only says a few.

Well, these are a few skills that I want to learn. What skills do you want to learn over time? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Ellie x

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