September Favourites 2017

September Favourites

September Favourites 2017

September has been a funny month. I haven’t blogged AT ALL and this was not on purpose but a good idea at the same time. I have recently moved to London and I’ve been very busy with life and work, blogging hasn’t been my priority and so taken a back seat.

I have a few blog posts in the running so here’s hoping I’ll get into the swing of things again, with one post a week.

But for today I am sharing my September Favourites!


This month I have seen two shows: School of Rock and War Horse. I managed to get AMAZING tickets to see School of Rock in the West End for my best friend’s birthday and the show was fab! The story is the same as the movie, obvs, with a few added songs which I actually preferred to the original! I got a little drunk but had so much fun. War Horse was terrifying! But the puppetry was outstanding!


I have consumed a lot of prosecco this month. As I said, I have recently moved to London with my best friend, and this has introduced me to the drinking culture. Since I no longer have to commute home I can stay out after work and attend parties and I must have attended five industry gatherings this month alone. Not to mention had several evenings in with Prosecco and an extended edition of Lord of the Rings. It’s been fun! Although I now have a reputation…


I FINALLY live in this awesome city. I have spent weekends lounging in Green Park with a book, popping into my favourite museums, eating street food in Southwark, attending events, and book shopping! I love it.


I am really enjoying my audiobooks right now! I am still on Harry Potter – they’re like 24 hours each! – but they’re so relaxing and great escapism on the commute to work in the mornings. I’m evening using the sleep timer so that I can fall asleep listening to them as well – if I fall asleep before it finishes I know what happens. I can’t wait to get to the next book!

Work Colleagues

Can a favourite include colleagues? Well, I’m gonna. I have been to a leaving do for an old colleague, and the anniversary party of a company I used to intern for, and I feel much more comfortable with my relatively new work colleagues. I have had such a laugh this month them all, it’s good to know I am making friends and able to keep them even when I leave the situation in which I met them!


I have my own kitchen! I can cook myself ACTUAL dinners! I have had loaded potatoes, homemade potato and leek soup, avocado and egg fried mushrooms, and fish pie! I am a goddess of the kitchen – I’ve only set the heat alarm off once! – and it’s so relaxing. I love it. I’ve even bought cookbooks!


I AM WRITING A NEW NOVEL!! Thank christ for that. It’s been ages since I properly wrote. The last time I wrote a novel it only took two months. But then I was totally burnt out. Now I’m finally getting back into it and it’s so much fun. Here’s hoping it’s actually decent though.

That’s it for my September favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments below and keep an eye out for some exciting publishing/work-related blog posts!

You check out my last post on my Holiday in Paris here!

Love Ellie x

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