Self-Care Sundays | Lifestyle Advice

Self-Care Sundays

Self-Care Sundays | Lifestyle Advice

I love self-care Sundays! Everyone’s self-care is a little different and suited to them and if you need some relaxation tips I’ve previously talked about that on my blog.

I have a few rituals that I like to do in order to be both relaxed and productive on Sundays.

Self-Care Sundays

Lighting Candles

This is such a cliche but I do, do it. I have a ton of Yankee Candles left over from my ‘I love candles’ phase in my teens and I burn them regularly but they never seem to go down! What is this magic!!

I have one in my bathroom – because the drains in my flat aren’t great *dry heaves* and then one in my studio space. I’m thinking of getting a diffuser soon because candles can make the room quite stuffy in summer but for now, these scented flickering items of loveliness are ideal for my self-care Sunday routine.


People often think I’m odd when I say that cleaning is part of my self-care Sunday routine but because I live in a small studio space if my room isn’t clean then I struggle to relax. It doesn’t have to be perfect – I don’t go full Cinderella – but making my bed, hanging up my clothes and putting bleach down the loo are my musts for making me feel calm.


I don’t do enough skincare and I know it. But when I remember, often on Sunday mornings, I will put on a LUSH face mask and tired up for a bit then wash it off with warm water before cleansing with a light Clarin’s cleanser. I feel fresh, fragrant and something else beginning with F.


I always have a weekend to-do list because I always have a lot to do. Whilst Saturdays are kind of my errand days and doing what I fancy when I fancy it, Sunday is my more productive day and I tend to my writing. Because of my freelance writing career, I normally have a few commissions or projects to get done so in the morning I will sit at my table and get the most important ones out of the way. Once those are done I tend to write something else – like this blog post – as a cleanser and then I do the rest.

I enjoy writing – I wouldn’t do it as a freelance career on top of my already manic publishing career – if I didn’t! Hence it’s part of my self-care routine because ultimately I’m doing something I enjoy and working on my dreams.


I work in publishing, and I’m a writer, of course, reading is self-care for me. ‘Nuff said.

Watching TV

And by ‘TV’ I mean watching Netflix or Amazon Prime or NowTV (whilst GoT season 8 airs anyway) on my phone. I don’t own a TV but I do like to lounge on my bed and sofa and watch a random movie or binge-watch Queer Eye for the seventieth time sometimes.


Other is not something you normally see when it comes to self-care, but the whole point of a self-care Sunday is to not really plan your day but go through the routine that you want to do. Sometimes Other for me includes feeling out my journal or doing some ancestry hunting (I love family trees!) or going for a walk or a shop or going full Marie Kondo on my wardrobe. Basically anything lifestyle cleansing or a hobby that I enjoy.

What is your self-care Sunday, or Saturday (or any day for that matter!) like? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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