Revising my 2020 Goals

Revising my 2020 Goals

Revising my 2020 Goals

It’s that time of the year when I like to look back at my New Year’s Resolutions and see how well I’m doing. However, this year has been kind of a dud. So instead of re-capping them I’m going to be revising my 2020 goals.

First of all, an update. These are my original 2020 New Years Resolutions.


Last year I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge to 90 and 2020 is the year I’m going to read 100 books. My bookish resolutions will be coming soon so keep an eye out for that.


In 2019 I officially became a paid journalist but 2020 is the year I’m aiming to become a published novelist – or at least begin the path to getting a book published with a book deal!


In 2020 I would really like to get healthier by doing more exercise, eating healthier and thinking more about my health in general. I’ve started to give blood and in October I’m going to be a bridesmaid so I’m a bit more body-conscious than usual. Also, your twenties is the best time to start healthy habits.


I would still love to visit Europe, especially while I still have the chance pre-Brexit. Copenhagen, Krakow and Verona are all on the list. But I would also like to explore more of the UK too.


In 2019 I became a journalist and was published online, in newspapers and magazine. I was also on BBC Radio, podcasts and did some filming for a web series – soon to be released. Next up TV and Film. Here’s hoping 2020 could be the year.

Ah. So not many of those are possible this year, so there goes my achievable goals.

However, I still love a goal so I’m calling this circumstantial cheating and updating some of my 2020 goals!


I’m keeping my goal to Read 100 Books, because with my current lockdown reading rate I’m set to reach this goal before the end of October!


Similarly, I’m going to keep my goal to get healthier because – not only is this the best time – but also I need to reduce my lockdown belly before my sister’s wedding later on this year!


Instead of a becoming a ‘published writer’ which is excessively optimistic, given I’d only just signed to my literary agency when I wrote this, I’m revising that goal to instead write two novels. So far this year, I’ve written one. The lockdown was useful for some things! But I would love to start and maybe finish a second before the year is out.


Instead of going travelling – which just isn’t possible in 2020 – I’m going to reduce this goal to simply visiting Euro Disney. I was meant to go to Euro Disney for my 25th birthday in June, but due to COVID this was cancelled. However, I have since rescheduled the visit to November so fingers crossed we’ll still make it before the egg of the year!


In place of TV appearances, again circumstantially cheating here, I’m going to revise to raising my writing profile. As someone trying to get a publishing deal and also wanting to re-enter the journalism world after a short break during COVID, now is the time to work on my profile. And t that may involve being on TV or it might simply be growing my blog. We’ll see.

Are you revising your 2020 Goals due to Corona virus? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Revising my 2020 Goals

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