Reviewing EllesBellesNotebook in 2022 | Blog Analytics

Reviewing EllesBellesNotebook in 2022

Reviewing EllesBellesNotebook in 2022 | Blog Analytics

As we enter 2023, I’m looking back and reviewing the performance of my blog EllesBellesNotebook in 2022.

Reviewing EllesBellesNotebook in 2022

Here are some of the quick-fire results of the last 12 months.

Most Read Blog Post:

Who are the Big Five Publishing Companies in the UK

Most Read Blog Post Published in 2022:

Typical Publishing Job Interview Questions

Most Read Page:

Publishing Hopeful’s Toolkit

Most Visitors:

28th March 2022 – 332 visitors

After I posted: Books to Read After Watching Bridgerton

Unique Visitor Count: 23,103

Visitors Split by Country:

  • UK: 8,444
  • USA: 7,478
  • India: 551
  • Canada: 544
  • Australia: 434
  • Germany: 432

Top Ten Visited Posts:

  1. Who Are the Big Five Publishing Companies in the UK
  2. Bridgerton Books Ranked Best to Worst
  3. Best Movies to Play a Drinking Game On
  4. Typical Publishing Job Interview Questions
  5. Upcoming Greek Myth Retellings I Want to Read
  6. Best Audiobook Apps
  7. 22 Things I’d Like to Do in 2022
  8. Contemporary Women’s Fiction Set in London
  9. Tips for Living Alone | London Life
  10. 100 Blogmas and BookTok Ideas

Most Visits Per month:

3,562 visits in March 2022

Average Visits per Month:

95 per day in 202 (40% increase on 2021)

Total Blog Posts Shared:

180 blog posts in 2022

What I learned in 2022

The importance of SEO and regularly reviewing the SEO of old posts to optimise performance and reach new readers.

To follow trends such as TV zeitgeists i.e. Bridgerton, relevant topics i.e. Cost of Living Crisis and sharing content that readers need, want and can relate to.

Having fun! I’ve managed to post x3 times a week every week in 2022, excluding one week when I had a family bereavement. I’ve also managed to post daily for Blogtober and Blogmas. Posting daily is not possible in the long term, but a challenge I enjoy on occasion. However, a lot of people don’t like daily posts – too many emails – so in 2023, I’ll likely only post daily as part of Blogmas and not Blogtober.

What did you learn in 2022? Do you have a blog like EllesBellesNotebook? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Reviewing EllesBellesNotebook in 2022

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