Recent Favourites of Autumn

Recent Favourites of Autumn

Recent Favourites of Autumn

It feels like we’re well in the throes of Autumn now, and I thought to commemorate the best season (in my opinion) I thought would share some of my recent favourites.

Recent Favourites of Autumn

Love Life (BBC)

No one seems to be talking about this series on BBC but it’s amazing! Starring Anna Kendrick and a host of other young American actors it seems strange to be a BBC series, yet it is. I binged it in a couple of days and adored it. The writing is hilarious, realistic and relatable and I love Anna’s character of Darby. We follow Carter from her early twenties to her mid-thirties in her journey to find love (all kinds of love!), acceptance and her best self. I highly recommend it.

Emily in Paris

Why they’re calling this Sex in the City for the millennial era, I’ve no idea. I’ve seen Sex and the City and this is nothing like this Sex in the City. It’s fun and cliched, and a little bit sexy. But it’s got Paris and wit, so what’s not to love? I binged in one weekend.


Nothing fancy this, but Gold Nescafe Instant Coffee is giving me life at the minute. Genuinely, it’s the only thing that brings me to life in the mornings before work.


Unsurprisingly, I’m loving writing. There is something really calming about shutting the door at the weekend and just inventing a story. It’s a good come-down from a stressful week of work or anxiety at listening to the news


This year has been a year of reading classics. I’ll do a full blog post on the books I’ve read this year, nearer to Christmas, but there have been many. I think last year I managed two and it’s been my goal for the last two years to at least read five a year. In 2020 I’ve surpassed that, and I’m loving it.


Over 2020 I stopped pitching and doing freelance journalism pretty much altogether. From March onwards I felt awkward about pitching ideas and getting paid when I have a full-time job and there are freelancers aren’t there that needed the work to pay their bills. But, over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself falling back into it again. And I’m remembering why I enjoyed doing it in the first place.

#MarketYourMarketing Workshops

A bit of a shameless plug, but also a genuine favourite. In September I started running fortnightly Marketing workshops via Zoom for free and it’s been so much fun! All of the sessions have been very informal and the amount of viewers and attendees has been amazing! I’m hoping to continue running the sessions until November, and then we’ll see if I can continue them thereon.

What have been some of your recent favourites? Drinking tea, listening to the rain, and the Great British Bake Off – another favourite of mine! Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Recent Favourites of Autumn


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