Popular BookTok Creators Worth Watching

Popular BookTok Creators Worth Watching

Popular BookTok Creators Worth Watching

I love a good BookTok video and yes, I am slightly addicted to this new social media platform. Today I thought I would share a list of popular BookTok creators worth watching. Their videos are funny, informative, and genuinely trustworthy.


Jack Edwards is a popular BookTuber and shares an equal amount of video content on his BookTok channel as well. He has well over 280k followers on TikTok and growing every day. I really like Jack’s energy, his honest reviews, and the broadness of his reading. It’s not just classics or just contemporary novels, he reads a real mix.


Gemma’s channel is very contemporary with a lot of popular books, but she also does regular ‘come shopping with me’ videos to the likes of Waterstones, The Works, and supermarket bookshelves.


Jessica reads a wide range of books from classics to new releases and books that are soon to be or recently turned into TV and Film adaptations. She does a mix of recommendation and shopping videos, mixed in with your typical TikTok fare of mime and sync videos using pop culture sounds. It’s a fun channel worth following for good content.


Robert’s channel is quite eclectic but easy to watch. You’ll get some solid book recommendations alongside content with his dog, TikTok trends, and popular music.


I like Darcey’s channel for its simplicity. It’s a mix of Amazon and Waterstones Book Hauls, recent TBR videos, and simple book recommendations.

And a final ‘non-BookTok’ honorary mention:


Chanel creates the funniest videos as Professor McGonagall. Her accent is perfection itself and I cannot stop cackling whenever I see her videos. They’re great, they’re wholesome, and well worth a watch if you have ever loved Harry Potter in any way.

Which BookTok Creators do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Popular BookTok Creators Worth Watching

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