Podcasts for Creative Young Women

Podcasts for creative young women

Podcasts for Creative Young Women

Today’s topic is podcasts! One of my favourite things technology has to offer these days. Today’s post is a list of podcasts perfect for creative young women, such as myself, to listen to to get some advice and a kick of creativity.

Disclaimer: Obviously, guys can listen to these podcasts as well but, for the most part, these podcasts are aimed at women hence I’ve said these are podcasts for creative young women.

Podcasts to listen to:

Hashtag Authentic 

I adore this podcast! It is run by Sara Tasker, a genius on Instagram with a feed many would kill for. She is an extremely personable lady with a young child and relatable life issues who, as the name suggests, is authentic online. She does not bullshit about how easy social media is. As it isn’t. It is great to listen to her podcasts, normally hosted with other social media masterminds who discuss and discover how they use their social media to promote their businesses. It’s really interesting and inspiring.

The Debrief Podcast

The Debrief is a website with lots of articles on different lifestyle topics for women, ranging in topics from fashion to sex. Stevie and Tessa who host the podcast, discuss the issues of adulting in each episode sometimes with guests. It is uplifting to hear them discuss everyday issues without any taboo or qualms about what they say. Definitely, a ‘big-sister’ podcast to get some advice about the truth of what life is like in your twenties.

The Pool UK

I love The Pool website, it is a fantastic place to read opinion pieces, hear the latest gossip in a tactful and insightful way as well as learn new things. The podcast is no exception. With a variety of different episodes having been posted since it went live a few years ago. Some episodes are guests on their own discussing their latest projects. i.e. an author did a show for 30 minutes discussing her research for her latest book. They also have chatty episodes between two of the contributing writers, and interviews with celebrities with the creator of The Pool. A real mix of episodes to listen to on your commute and lunch break.

Get It Off Your Breasts 

A kind of spin-off podcast to Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete (another favourite of mine). Get It Off Your Breasts is a podcast is hosted by Emma and Lliana Bird and each episode is a different interview with various celebs/influencers who come on specifically to discuss up to three things that they want to ‘get off their breasts’. Topics have included mansplaining, feminism, trophy wives, celeb-shaming, and money guilt. It’s still early days for this podcast but the episodes have been really interesting and I can’t wait for them to post more.

Hannah Ashton Podcast

Hannah Ashton is a popular YouTuber and teen influencer. She is only 18 years old and yet runs a successful social media business, a podcast, a website, a YouTube channel, and is still in school. She is a powerhouse of inspiration and her podcast is well worth listening to. Especially for anyone interested in freelance creative work.

Make It Happen

This podcast hasn’t been updated in recent months but there is a backlog of episodes you can listen to. This podcast will give you a kick-up the bum to start/finish your creative projects. Some episodes are self-hosted inspirational talks from Jen Carrington the creator, whilst others are interviews with influencers across social media and creative industries. It will make you itch to go and improve whatever creative business/hobby you do.

Pretty Normal Me

Pretty Normal Me podcast is a spin-off of the popular blog started by Emily Clarkson. In the podcast, she discusses life plans, mental health, language, kindness, and generally everything we ‘normal’ women go through. It’s a podcast that lets you know that you’re not alone when you feel crap that size 16 jeans don’t fit you in Topshop (when you’re a size 12 everywhere else. Or that social media sometimes give you anxiety.

Love Stories

Love Stories isn’t what it sounds like. Hosted by Dolly Alderton, author of the recently released Everything I Know About Love. This podcast features Dolly interviewing celebs/influencers about their recent projects and also about their love lives and how it has affected their life plans/helped get them where they are. I highly recommend listening to the Ruby Tandoh episode for a bit of ‘oh yeah, that’s so true!’ with regards to food. You’ll look at your KFC dinner very differently afterwards.

These are some inspirational podcasts for creative young women in need of a new podcast. Definitely, have a listen to these amazing podcasts. If you have any other recommendations let me know in the comments below. Always looking for new listens.

Love Ellie x

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