Plan a London Tourist Day

Plan a London Tourist Day

Plan a London Tourist Day

I have lived in London for just over two years now and I’ve yet to do a proper London tourist day.

I’ve done bits and pieces here and there, but most of the things I’ve already done as a child or when I came visiting when I was at university. Since moving to the city I haven’t fully taken advantage of the city as a whole.

That’s why I’m planning a Tourist Day!

Plan a London Tourist Day

I’ve been to New York this year and I’m off to Yorkshire in a few weeks’ time, but I could also do with booking a Staycation in my city and this is what I have in mind.

London Tourist Day

9:00 am – Leave my flat ready to go! Trainers, a bottle of water and some form of a snack. Top up Oyster card and a battery for charging my phone as I’m going to need it.

9:45 am – I’m in central and I need to have brunch, so where do I go? Anywhere that serves a good English Breakfast. I’ll probably have a book – maybe a tour guide if I’m going all-out tourist – and enjoy a leisurely brunch.

11:00 am – Make my way to the Tower of London. I went to the Tower of London when I was much younger and wasn’t old enough to appreciate it. Now, as a history buff, I want to go back. I also want to talk to the beefeater who looks after the Ravens!

1:00 pm – Walk across Tower Bride. I work near Tower Bridge and yet I’ve never walked across it. The closest I think I got was watching it get blown to bits in Spiderman: Far From Home.

1:30 pm – Head towards the Tate Modern but get some lunch on the way! I’m thinking of Fish and Chips – if I can find them. I’ve never actually been to the Tate Modern so I think it’s about time I go. And since it’s in Southwark which is relatively near to London Bridge – why not?!

3:00 pm – Head towards Lambeth to go and visit the Imperial War Museum. I’ve never done the WWI exhibit, which is stupid since WWI was my period of study at university. And, again, free!

5:00 pm – Go to the Sky Garden for a drink and to watch the world go by. It’s free to go up – although you effectively pay when you get a drink apparently. Pricey!

6:00 pm – Head out for a quick bite to eat before catching a West End show. I’ve seen quite a few shows on the West End, from the smaller shows like Shit-Faced Shakespeare to the massive ones like Wicked, Aladdin and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Maybe I’ll catch a show that I’ve never seen at a theatre I’ve never been to. Possibly even a play.

10:00 pm – After a long day I’ll head home for a well-deserved rest.

Before waking up refreshed and planning my second London tourist day. The Natural History Museum beckons after over 12 years of avoiding it. Although I bet you I’ll faint at the sight of a dinosaur. On second thoughts… maybe I’ll avoid this museum.

Love Ellie x

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London Tourist Day

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