Norfolk Natural Living | Product Review

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Norfolk Natural Living | Product Review

I was recently contacted by Norfolk Natural Living to do a review of their Natural Deodorant. I, of course, said yes as I love the chance to try new and organic products by growing independent companies.

The Company

The Norfolk Natural Living company, as you can guess, is based in Norfolk and was set up by Bella Middleton. All of the products are handmade and stored in PET plastic containers. Yes, plastic but PET is the most recyclable plastic available and if you recycle it correctly it can be re-used.

There’s a whole section on the website about why they don’t use glass or other types of containers. But if you’re entirely anti-plastic this may not be the products for you. However, for me, so long as I can definitely recycle it I’m happy.

The Product

The product I was sent to try was their Natural Deodorant. This deodorant is unisex – meaning it can be worn by both men and women, and is highly fragranced but 100% natural.

Natural Deodorant

I was sent the Wild Figs scented deodorant. It is also available in lime, sea salt and rose. Now if you were to tell me to go on the website and pick one of those scents I’m not sure which one I would go for. Rose isn’t my favourite and the other three aren’t really well-known scents to me.

However I love the scent of my deodorant! Honesty, it’s so strong and so long lasting that I swear I don’t even need perfume anymore. On the packaging there is a really lovely label with details about the ingredients and it explains that the fragrance comes from essential oils.

Natural Deodorant Ingredients

There is also a description of the scent it says that the figs scented deodorant is like a warm summer’s evening and I 100% agree with that statement. I would never have thought to describe it that way, but it fits.


It costs £14.50  + £3 delivery from their online store and in their shop in Holt, Norfolk. And if you think that is pricey for a deodorant there are reasons why.

  1. It’s 100% natural, made from ingredients from the Norfolk coast and entirely handmade
  2. The packaging is slightly more expensive because it’s PET so recyclable, over other plastic containers
  3. The product should, in theory, last longer

Now I’ve only had the product for a couple of weeks so I can’t say for sure that it’s going to last longer than my usual roll-on deodorants. But the formula for this deodorant is very wet, it is effectively a liquid and the container is much larger than your regular roll-on. I would say it’s about double the size.

Because the formula is a liquid rather than a cream this means you need less, and less is more in this case as the deodorant is already so fragranced.


On the web page for the Natural Deodorant, Bella has written and highly informative background on the deodorant, how to use it and even tips on how to reduce perspiration naturally. This goes to show that not only is this an independent store worth buying from because of quality products, but also this is an independent store that know their stuff and care about their customer experiences.

They’re honest about the fact that you will likely perspire more when you first start using this product, as you’re effectively having a deodorant detox and your body over-compensates. But they’re also very open about their ingredients, sourcing and hand making process.


If you’re looking for a high-end, good quality deodorant that smells amazing I would honestly recommend Norfolk Natural Living’s products. It’s actually become fun to put on deodorant because it smells that nice. It also looks cute on my bathroom shelf. And most importantly, it works.

Thank you to Norfolk Natural Living for sending me this product to sample. My review is 100% honest and no fee was paid.

Let me know if you try out any of Norfolk Natural Living’s other products! They sell a range of skincare, lifestyle items and homeware products. I’d loved to hear what you think about them.

Love Ellie x

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Natural Deodorant Review

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