No Spend February 2023 Results | The Year of 30 Day Challenges

No Spend February 2023 Challenge

No Spend February 2023 Results | The Year of 30 Day Challenges

It’s now March which means it’s time to recap the results of my last 30 Day Challenge. In February 2023 I attempted the No Spend February 2023 Challenge, a 30 Day Challenge, and I totally failed.

Did I succeed in my No Spend Challenge?

I was supposed to have restricted myself financially to only buying the essentials in February. But illness, stress and some retail therapy affected that. I didn’t over-spend but I certainly didn’t keep to my no-spend.

What did I spend money on? 

Here’s what I ended up spending money on, on top of the essentials such as rent, bills and travel:

  • New shoes – my other shoes were giving me blisters so I bought x2 new pairs (Trainers and Vans slip-ons).
  • A handbag – a Marc Jacobs bag, but on eBay so significantly cheaper than normal. Did I need it… nope, this was definite retail therapy.
  • Multiple days/nights out – popping the pub for a drink and buying a round was definitely a thing in February.
  • Buying lunches – I got better at this as the month progressed but to start with I was pretty bad.
  • Takeaways – I had take-outs multiple times in February, at home and with friends, usually because I was too tired or too lazy to cook.
  • TV Subscriptions – I’ve been struggling with finding TV/Film shows I enjoy recently so I’ve shopped around and tried a few different TV subscriptions including Paramout+and NowTV. I’ve since cancelled Paramount+ as it wasn’t for me, but NowTV is pretty decent.
  • Clothing – I went to Primark and bought some basic elements in February, the bill only came to £36 for about 10 items, but it was still a spend I wasn’t planning on.

I did manage to stick to a book-buying ban but otherwise, I did spend more than I intended in February. Thankfully nowhere outside of my bank balance and I still managed to save my standard amount in the month.

Would you attempt a No Spend Challenge? Let me know in the comments below.

In March, as I carry on my Year of 30 Day Challenges, I will be taking a Photo a Day. Check back in April to find out more.

Love Ellie x

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No Spend February 2023 Challenge

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