My Holiday in New York City | Travel

New York City

New York City

Hello! I’m back from New York City and have completed my August Blog Challenge! Hooray.

Today is a photography/travel post about my time in New York City.

I’m not going to say it was amazing, as I’ve determined I am definitely more of a town & country girl (no, not like the magazine) but it was still pretty good!

I thought I would summarise my trips in favourites so here goes:

Favourite Day out:

New York City


I had a great time with my best friend Freyja, the particularly highlight of our trip being the day we spent at MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) hunting down our favourite artworks

Freyja with a Jackson Pollock


and getting lost in Central Park!

New York City
Hanging out with Hans!

Favourite Building (Interior):

New York City

Grand Central Station – that ceiling! Oh my god!


Favourite Building (Exterior):


Chrysler Building! Unfortunately by the time we got to the top of Empire State (queues!) all I could think was: ‘bloody big building’.

Favourite Snack:


Oreos! One of the things that we definitely missed out on trip, due to time restraints and exhaustion, was food.
Freyja is also a vegetarian and whilst not a problem it was just a lot easier to eat in the diner where we knew she could eat!
There was more food on this plate than all three of ours!


Best Breakfast:


Still, the diner we went to did do a wonderful egg sandwich!

Favourite shop:


I only really went to one and that was Macy’s! I spent way too much money, but hey I was on holiday!
And we found a GIANT keyboard!


Favourite Photo:

New York City


This was hard as I have over 400 photos but this is my favourite I think. It is a picture of my brother, dad, bestie and me sitting on the red steps of Time Square on our first evening in New York! It was 93 degrees Fahrenheit and I have been up for 18 hours by this point
There are many many more photos of my time in New York, most of which are on my Instagram if you would like to see them!
Even though I wasn’t blown away I still had a lovely time and would happily go back – but maybe for longer next time!
Love Ellie x

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