New York City Shopping Haul

New York City Shopping Haul

New York City Shopping Haul

When you go to New York City it is imperative that you shop. So that’s what I did. And now it’s time for my New York City shopping haul.

Never mind the fact that I’m broke at the minute, I saved up over the last three months for this trip and spent most of it on books, clothes and Oreos. No shame.

I got some good bargains though in various thrift stores, independents and mainstream stores:

  • Crossroads in Brooklyn
  • Goodwill
  • Beacon’s Closet
  • Housing Works
  • Awoke Vintage
  • Bulletin Broads
  • H&M
  • Hudson

Take a look at my New York City shopping haul.

New York City Shopping Haul

H&M Red Tennis Dress – $17.99

I stuck to what I knew first by dropping by H&M which is a much bigger deal in the US than it is here. Also, I noticed that most of the sizes fit better in the US than they do in the UK.

I got this dress for summer as I liked the colours and I feel really comfortable in tennis dresses, even if they’re a little short. I can always wear leggings with it if the summer weather never shows up.

New York City Shopping H&M dress

Linen H&M shirt – $17.99

I like wearing linen since it is so much softer and airy when you’re out and about. I wore this whilst I was out in the city as it was perfect for walking around without getting too hot and sweaty.

Perfect with any kind of jeans but also great tucked in with a pleated midi skirt. The only downside is that it is a little see-through so you have to wear a white bra with it, I don’t mind though.

Linen H&M shirt

H&M Jumper – $9.99

I had brought a cardigan and coat with me but nothing else and the New York City weather was a little undecided so I decided to pick up a cheap jumper. This was the best one I could find.

It is fairly thin but still warm when you’re out and about so perfect for what I needed. Plus it will be a lot better than the jumpers I currently own for spring.

H&M Jumper

I popped into quite a few Housing Works and thrift stores whilst I was in the city but I only bought a few things from thrift stores.

First up was Beacon’s Closet.

Multi-Coloured Dress – $21.95

I searched the rails and pushed my way through crowds to gather some clothes to try on in the changing rooms and came away with this multi-coloured silk-feel dress. It has a really interesting collar that folds up over my collarbone, but it’s a wrap dress. With pockets!

It’s the sort of dress I would wear to an evening or a wedding or perhaps a summer BBQ.

New York City Shopping Beacon's Closet dress

Next up I headed to Brooklyn and Brooklyn is teeming with vintage and thrift stores.

I fell across the store Crossroads, which I had never heard of before, and I loved it!

D2 T-Shirt – $8.99

I came across this T-Shirt and loved the print. It’s formal but also informal so can be dressed up or down.

Crossroads T-shirt

Yessica Dress – $15.99

I love this dress! I saw it and instantly knew I wanted it so when I found that it fit me I was really happy. For $15.99 it was affordable and gorgeous. I would get wed in this dress.

Yessica Dress

Michael Kors Bag – $20

Yes, a real-life Michael Kors bag for only $20! It was on sale and since it was a thrift store it was affordable anyway so with half-price off I was on it like a car bonnet.

New York City Shopping Michael Kors bag

Puff Pride T-Shirt – $30

I went to see an Off-Broadway show all about Hufflepuffs so of course, I had to get a T-Shirt to commemorate the event and show my Puff Pride.

Puff Pride

NYPD T-Shirt – $19.99

In the airport, I also did some last-minute shopping for some New York-based T-Shirts and being a fan of Brooklyn 99 it seemed appropriate to go with an NYPD T-Shirt.

New York City Shopping NYPD T-Shirt

And that’s it for New York City Shopping clothes haul. I also bought a few stickers, red lipstick – seen in the photos above – a vegan hairbrush (who knew hairbrushes were going vegan!) and lots of Oreos. Plus a few gifts for people and plenty of books.

Needless to say, I had a brilliant time in New York City. And it’s true what they say: New York City is good for shopping!

Love Ellie x

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New York City Shopping

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