I’ve Started a Podcast

I've Started a Podcast

I’ve Started a Podcast

Exciting news time! After 18 months of planning, designing, prepping, and learning – and generally procrastinating – I have started a podcast!

The podcast in question is called – This Millennial Mess – and as you might guess from the title is all about being a millennial.

The episodes are only 10-15 minutes in length and can be listened to via my blog or via the iTunes podcast app. Yes, I’m on iTunes!! (squeal!)

The first three episodes are already live and cover the topics of:

  • Social media
  • Adulting
  • The Me Me Me Generation

A new episode will go live every Wednesday, and I’m hoping to soon have some guests featured alongside me discussing everything millennial together.

What is a Millennial Mess

Well, I’ll tell you. A Millennial Mess is anyone who believes that their life is a right old mess but they’re getting on with it anyway. I’m a Millennial Mess and I’m betting quite a few of you think you are too.

A millennial is someone born between 1980-1999 (give or take, the age range varies between those years) and so I am a baby millennial. I was born pretty much near the cut-off point but I still remember the 90s, I remember a time without the internet or mobile phones and I certainly remember a time before #selfies and #influencers came about.

What topics will I discuss?

For the first season I have a few topics in mind that I want to cover:

  • Loneliness and mental health
  • Money and how to spend – sorry save – it
  • Renting and how not to get screwed by landlords
  • University and the realities of it
  • Friendship – covering break-ups and making friends in your 20s
  • Dating and how to survive being ghosted
  • Careers and side hustles

And quite a few others.

I know I talk quite fast in the first two episodes and I’m working on slowing myself down. When I get on a roll with a topic I get very excited and as someone that talks ridiculous fast anyway it’s hard for me to slow…it…down. But I’m trying.

Let me know what you think of the episodes, either in the comments on my blog or via the iTunes rating and comments section. And shout if you want an episode on anything specific.

Love Ellie x

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I've Started a Podcast

2 comments on “I’ve Started a Podcast

  1. This is super exciting! As an older Millenial, I think it’s such a different world we live in now, as it’s so hard to navigate it. We are constantly faced with the measures of success our parents had that don’t always apply any more. If you ever want input from my day job, about property and trying to get on the ladder as a first time buyer, let me know!
    Can’t wait to listen in!

    1. It is! I’m a younger millennial but even I can tell the difference and it’s scary to me. We can’t measure up to any of our previous generations, even with the best intentions, because so many things are new and so many stigmas and worldly opinions have changed over the last 10-20 years as well. I will hit you up for with a content request soon I imagine 😉

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