I’ve got a New Job in Publishing | Job Update

new job in publishing

I’ve got a New Job in Publishing | Job Update

So in July last year, I got a job at a publishing recruitment company as a maternity cover Administrator. In October I was promoted to Administrator and Social Media coordinator and made a permanent member of the team. And in May of this year, I got a new job as a Marketing & Publicity Executive at Canelo!

How I got the job at Canelo

Some background into my job history. I have a degree in Creative Writing & History and throughout my last year of university, I did a 6-month internship at a Literary Agency in London and then volunteered as the same agencies readers for the next 8 months. I’ve also done a work experience placement at Penguin Random House and I’m working with Unbound on my novel right now.

Throughout the last two, I have been developing my CV and skills to find a way into publishing and it has finally happened! And I’m loving it!

I loved my last job – I really did, my co-workers were incredible, or incredi as my northern co-worker says – but I really wanted to get into marketing & publicity within a publishing house. So when the opportunity arose to apply for a Marketing & Publicity Executive at an up-and-coming digital publisher I jumped at the chance!

I had previously heard of Canelo through my internship at the Literary Agency. My bosses used to rave about the team at Canelo. I then worked with a boutique PR agency on one of Canelo’s books – It Was You by Jo Platt – and then I heard about this job and it was just perfect.

Two interviews later, I got the job.

And it was very exciting! And terrifying because I had to tell my then-boss and everyone else that I was leaving after only 8 months. This sounds really flighty, but it was due to opportunity rather than issues which is actually a good thing.

But now…

I am the Marketing & Publicity Executive at Canelo!

So background into Canelo it is a relatively new publishing company. They started up in 2015, and publish exclusively eBooks and books in digital format. They publish new books and re-issue old ones, discovering new and forgotten delights.

My job is to update all the social media, run publicity campaigns, put forward books for promotions, talk to the authors, and basically get the books into the public eye as much as possible! It’s a challenge but it’s a very exciting and creative challenge!

I’m working within a small office of people, which I love. I get to know everyone and learn from everyone. Whereas in big offices you tend to learn a lot about one or two things. Now I get to learn everything!

I kind of stick out as the old-fashioned one, which is ironic as I’m the baby at only 21. But I’ve got paper and pens and everyone else is totally digital. I like to have everything on paper as well as on computers. I find it a lot easier to prioritise and do things quickly. Each to their own.

Lots in the works

I only started this week but already I’ve got meetings, exciting book releases coming up, events, plans and I’m starting a company blog! Of course! I need a blog!

I will update my own blog as I go and definitely my Twitter, so keep an eye out for that and let me know if you have any questions!

For now, though, make sure you check out Canelo and there, now our, wonderful books! Some great summer reads coming up and I can’t wait to share them!

Also,  if you’re a book blogger or simply a book lover get in touch with me to apply to join our blogger database! We’re always looking for new blogs to work with.

Love Ellie x

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5 comments on “I’ve got a New Job in Publishing | Job Update

  1. Looks like we’ve joined Canelo at the same time – congratulations on the new job and looking forward to working with you!


    1. It’s wonderful! I’m adoring my time here and I’m only in my third week! I’ll always miss my old co-workers but onwards and upwards! 😀

    1. Thank you so much! It’s such a wonderful job and it was a challenge to start with but I’m loving it 🙂

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