New In November | Follow Up

new in november follow up

New In November | Follow Up

Today marks the halfway point in the month and my new challenge of trying one new food a day is well underway and so far I would call it a success!

So what have I tried?

  1. Satsuma – I peeled and ate my first ever satsuma and actually enjoyed it! I loved the flavour and the amount of juice but I wasn’t a fan of the texture of the fruit (the reason I don’t normally eat fruit in my cases) and peeling wasn’t particularly fun either. But I would have it again.
  2. Pineapple – I have two fingers of pineapple and the first one was gorgeous! Really flavoursome and soft. But the second finger was nearer the fruit’s core and was like chewing on a piece of wood. It was also very messy to eat as the juice goes everywhere. I would have it again but in smaller pieces.
  3. IKEA meatballs – believe it or not, I had never had IKEA meatballs so mum cooked some with some gravy and mashed potato. They were really good and I would definitely have them again.
  4. Apple Crumble – I’m not a massive pudding person but this was bloody gorgeous. Made by my mum’s bestie, it was homemade and tasted just like Christmas. Whilst I couldn’t eat much after an equally gorgeous roast dinner, I would definitely tackle it again if it were offered.
  5. Cranberries, Raisins, and White Chocolate – these were in shots packet by Whitworths and sounded alright so I got them. Yeah, tasted like nothing at all but the texture was awful. Would not buy again.
  6. Blueberries – these are so-called ‘nature’s sweeties’ but to me, it was like eating eyeballs. The taste was fine but I could not stomach chewing these. So, nope.
  7. Ham, Cheese, and Tomato sandwich – I normally have a ham sandwich and that’s in but at a local conference instead of pulling out the other two I ate it, and actually it was fine. I don’t think I would choose to add tomato but it didn’t taste terrible.

I’m lacking a bit on new things to try – weekends aren’t my strong point and I’m also pre-writing this – but I’m really pleased with some of the new things I have tried.

I’ll follow up at the end of the month with a few other bits and pieces I’ve tried. My work colleagues have been great in getting behind me on this and forcing things, sorry, suggesting things for me to try.

And that’s what I experience for New in November. What should I try next? And will you do your own version of the New in November challenge? Let me know in the comments.

Love Ellie x

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New In November | Follow Up

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