My Writing Playlist | What Planet Can I Blame This On?

My Writing Playlist | What Planet Can I Blame This On

My Writing Playlist | What Planet Can I Blame This On?

Every writer is different when it comes to their writing routine. Some need complete silence, others need white noise from the TV or TedTalk in the background. For me, I like to have music playing in the background.

Overtime, as I listen to the same songs over and over again, I naturally create a playlist that inspires me when I’m writing a particular story. Sometime song was playing when I was writing a scene, so listening to it always take me back to the moment. Other times a song becomes the ‘trailer’ song for a whole book which motivates me to get back to writing.

Does anyone else do that? Use a particular song as a trailer song where you can envision the movie version of your book in your head? I do it all the time!

The playlist for What Planet Can I Blame This On? is surprisingly short, compared to other playlists for other projects I’ve had. Here’s what’s on it.

Never Forget You by The Noisettes (The trailer song!)

In the Morning by The Coral

How It’s Done by Kash Doll, Kim Petras, ALMA and Stefflon Don

All the Good Girls Go to Hell by Billie Eilish

London by Sarah Close (Krystal’s ‘sad’ song)

Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix) by Donna Summer, Gigamesh

Fill My Little World by The Feeling

Boss Bitch by Doja Cat (Paige’s mic drop song)

Have a Nice Day by Stereophonics (Krystal’s favourite song)

Goodbye Mr A by The Hoosiers

Fireflies by Binky

Witch Doctor by The Cartoons (The 90s dance club scene!)

This is definitely the shortest playlist for a project I’ve ever created, and also the most random.

A lot of other playlists I’ve created have a lot of the same artists and the music is more ethereal or ‘score’ music from movies. This playlist is a lot more pop-y and less about creating scenes in my head and more about getting to know the characters.

The little side notes explain what songs I listen to when. Krystal is the main character and her story arc goes up and down. So, sometimes I want to listen to super cheesy, radio sing-a-long music to get in the mood to write happy-go-lucky chapters. And then, when I’m writing a sad scene, I turn to Sarah Close and Binky.

I find having a writing playlist a really effective way to motivate myself into writing, but it’s also a great way to focus on one project at a time. I know that when I’m listening to Never Forget You now that I’m working on What Planet Can I Blame This On? as it’s the trailer song in my head.

The playlist is available to listen to on Spotify if you’re interested, link below. And if you want to learn more about What Planet Can I Blame This On? the book is out on the 3rd June in ebook, paperback and audiobook and can be pre-ordered now:

I hope you enjoy reading it, and listening to my official writing playlist for this project.

Love Ellie x

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My Writing Playlist | What Planet Can I Blame This On

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