My Self Isolation Routine

My Self Isolation Routine

My Self Isolation Routine

It’s kind of difficult to do a morning or evening routine right now, as every day is beginning to look a lot like all the other days of the month. Instead, I thought I would share a typical self isolation routine for me.

For example, a Monday. I’m working from my parent’s home at the moment and am living in my childhood bedroom full-time for the first time since I was 20 years old! Needless to say, I’ve started reverting back to my fifteen-year-old self.

But here is an example of my typical working-day self isolation routine.

The Morning

8:15am: My alarm goes off, although it’s likely I’m already awake and trawling through social media or catching up on some obscure TV show while my brother and parents get through the shower.

8:25am: By now I’m in the shower, using face wash and brushing my teeth to feel clean and hygienic ahead of the working day.

8:45am: I’m usually at my ‘desk’ by now, although by ‘desk’ I mean the dining room table. My brother has the spare room and my dad has to work from the home office anyway, so I designated myself the dining room table.

Usually my mum or I will make some coffee and I’ll get to work loading up all the tabs I’ll need for the day as well as checking my work calendar.

9:30am: On Monday mornings the team likes have to have an informal coffee and chat, to discuss our weekends and general going’s-ons. We chat for about half an hour before all getting to work preparing for editorial at 11am.

10:00am: I usually start by going through my emails, answering anything that’s urgent, and putting together my must-do to-do list for the day.

11:00am: We have our editorial meeting over the video, and discuss our latest reads from over the weekend. It’s always a fun and productive meeting and a great way to start the week.

11:30am: Usually all meetings are over by 11:30-12:00 so I’ll get to work on my to-do list. At the minute my main focus is on keeping the social media, advertising, and Avon Book Festival afloat and with that comes a lot of design, emails, and updates.

The Afternoon

1:00pm: I try and have my lunch at 1:00 as I find it helps to make the day go faster and keeps my productivity levels high. To make sure of this I’ll take my food – usually noodles, a frozen pizza or a sandwich – upstairs to my bedroom where. I’ll read for a bit or watch something on my phone. I like to get as far away from my computer as possible during my lunch break so that I get a proper hour-long break.

During lunch, I’ll also go out for a wander in the garden and often play some Swingball. I’m still anxious about going for a daily walk out in public as my mum is one of the vulnerable and I hate the idea of bringing the virus back accidentally. Sticking to the garden is overall better for me.

2:00pm: Back at the desk and back to work. Usually, emails will have come in over lunch and I’ll have a new task to do, otherwise, I’ll work on a project during the end of the day, something like the Book Festival or a social media update.

3:30pm: Break time. Afternoons are a lot harder to be productive during, than mornings in my case. I tend to get a can of coke – sugar high! – to keep me going and plug into my Harry Potter audiobook while I finish off that’s days jobs.

5:00pm: Catch up with the boss about all things work and life. It’s nice to touch base every week to make sure we’re on track and all is well.

5:30pm: End of the day. The laptop goes off and I go up to my room to either read, nap or watch some more TV.

The Evening

7:00pm: Since I’m home I offer to cook dinner, but my mum doesn’t work and is the matriarch of the kitchen so we’ll often just cook for us. At the moment we’re trying to be healthy and have had things like cottage pie, quiche with salad, roast dinners, and fish pie.

While we eat my parents tend to have the news on, or as I now call it The Plague. It’s not my favourite thing but since we mostly watch the local news it’s not as ‘death, death, death’ as other news outlets make it.

After The Plague is over we switch to watching a film. My dad and mum are working their way through the How to Train Your Dragon series currently, as well as watching the Harry Potter film series with me. But I have a tradition that when I’m doing my re-read each summer I can only watch the corresponding movies after I finish reading the books. So, they’re waiting for me to finish Order of the Phoenix right now.

9:00pm: I usually take myself back off to my room at this point, either to play a bit of Sims 4 or to read some more. It’s my official downtime before the end of the day.

10:30pm: Lights out and time to sleep.

And that’s a typical day. It’s pretty standard and seemingly pretty boring, but it’s enough to pass the time.

What’s your self isolation routine? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Self Isolation Routine

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