My Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2022

My Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2022

My Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2022

We’re now nearing the beginning of Summer and with that season comes a lot of new releases! As such, I wanted to share my most anticipated books of summer 2022. Are you looking forward to any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2022

The Girls Are Good by Ilaria Bernardini – Out 4th August

A thriller set in the toxic and competitive world of elite gymnastics. A kind of Black Swan take on gymnastics with one girl ending up dead, but who wanted her dead the most?

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven by Juno Dawson – Out 21st July

The first in a new series from the writer of Stay Another Day and the non-fiction book The Gender Games. There is a lot of buzz about this book at work, and Nicola Loughlin is reading the audiobook so that makes it a must in my mind. The story focuses on a secret division of HMRC where Witches and Wizards protect the country from unworldly and dark forces.

The Movement by Ayisha Malik – Out 21st July

A thought-provoking novel that focuses on the strength of voices. What would happen if people started to go mute and not speak? What does it really mean to have a voice?

Love Me, Love Me Not by Kirsty Capes – Out 7th July

Kirsty is a colleague and friend who wrote the genius book Careless. Her second novel is out this July and I cannot wait. Lucy Banbury seemingly has a perfect life, but at a wedding family she discovers she was actually adopted; suddenly the cracks in her life begin to show through as she realises she’s been pretending she’s someone she’s not.

Joan by Katerine J. Chen – Out 5th July

And finally, a reimaging of the life of Joan of Arc. There have been quite a few reimaginings of prominent figures throughout history, of late: Hamnet, Cecily etc. This is the latest, and I’m looking forward to picking it up in the SUmmer.

What books are you most anticipated to read in Summer 2022? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2022

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