My Morning Routine | Remote Working

My Morning Routine Remote Working Edition

My Morning Routine | Remote Working

Mornings are my favourite part of the day. I’m a bit of an early bird. Not much, I’m more of a 7-8am kind of early-bird, not a 5 am early-bird. But my morning routine is pretty much set in stone, whether it be a weekday or weekend.

I am currently remote working, for the most part as my office is still open for those that want to come in. And it’s changed my morning routine somewhat from what it was in February 2020.

This is a typical morning routine for me, be it a weekday or a weekend.

Morning Routine

8:00 – I wake up

I set my alarm for 8:15 am, but for the most parts, I wake up before my alarm. My working day starts at 9 am, but since I live alone and have no partner or children to chivvy I can get things done very quickly.

I’ll lay in bed for a bit, normally stretching and scrolling through Twitter and Instagram for 10-15 minutes. Then I’ll finally get out of bed.

First things first, put on my slippers. I have laminate flooring and the shock of standing on cold floors after a cuddly warm bed always gets me a bit.

8:15 – Bathroom time

Of course, I go to the toilet in the morning, then I usually have a shower. If I’m washing my hair I use a Honey scented Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner. Otherwise, I just wash down and use Dove body wash in Pomegranate.

After the shower, I get out and pull my hair back with a Poundland hair wrap to keep it out of my face. Then I use my WILD deodorant and wash my face down with a wet flannel. I then get to work on my simple skincare routine, using Clarin’s gentle exfoliator and REN day-pollution moisturiser on my face.

I brush my teeth for a good few minutes and then, for the most part, I’ll floss. Sometimes I forget – usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays when the mid-week tiredness has hit and I’m a walking zombie.

8:30 – Time to get dressed

I mostly wear T-Shirts and trousers at the moment. My house has wall-length windows so by the afternoon it sizzles from the sun, but in the morning it’s pretty cold, so I layer up. I’ll usually wear a white t-shirt with a pair of jeans or cigarette trousers and add a fluffy cardigan or an oversized jumper.

Unlike most people, I still put my make-up on every day. Some weekends I won’t bother if I’m not going out and I want to give my skin a breather. But if I’m working or planning to head to the shops or even just to the park for a walk, I put on my eyeliner and mascara. Plus a perfume. I like to smell good, even if it’s just for me.

8:45 – Coffee and Sustenance

By this point, I’ve usually made my bed – not neatly but enough – and then head to the kitchen for my morning coffee. I’m not fancy, I stick with Nescafe Instant Gold, with sweetener and plenty of milk. While the kettle is brewing I have a breakfast bar and start mooching around the flat tidying up and opening curtains.

I like my flat to feel clean, even if I’ve secretly got stashes of crap on my table or hidden in a cupboard. My sofa is a big dumping ground for me at the end of the day, usually with a jumper, bra and some chargers strewn across it. In the morning I’ll tidy that all away.

At the same time, I’ll turn on my computer to let it warm up and put on some sort of Audiobook or Spotify playlist in the background.

Once my coffee is brewed and made I go straight to work. I’m usually at my desk by 8:50 am, opening emails and setting up my tabs the way I want them to be. Even at weekends, I tend to get up and go to my laptop in order to start blogging, sharing my newsletter or writing some more of my novel.

9:00 – Off to work I go

I’m a massive side hustler and it’s my idea of fun. So, on weekdays or weekends you’ll often find me at my computer.

On weekends I like to get a bit of work done – be it blogging, writing or life admin – before I head out for the day. If I’m working this is pretty much my space until 12:30 pm when I get up for lunch.

Weekends are a mix of simple things for me. With COVID I’ve been going out less as many of my London friends have moved out of the city, or are simply wary of taking public transport to meet up. I will sometimes head to my local high street for a bit of retail therapy, a change of scenery or a chance to get some fast food I’m craving. But very rarely have I taken the train into central in order to browse Charing Cross Road or go to the cinema this year.

At weekends I’ll mostly write for about an hour or two and then at about 10:30-11:00 am I’ll get out of the flat for a bit.

11:00 – Breath of fresh air

I always do chores at the weekends. Boring things like taking the bins and recycling out, paying the bills at the local shop or popping to the Co-op for some ingredients to make dinner.

Sometimes I like to walk to the local park with my music blaring or an audiobook, just to stretch my legs and get out of the four walls of my flat. Particularly if I’ve not had a chance to leave all week.

Sometimes I just walk around my housing estate to daydream and people-watch. A change of scenery is particularly necessary when I’m writing as it’s great for breaking through writer’s block.

12:00 – Lunch

By the end of the morning at 12:00 I’m always thinking about lunch. I don’t eat much in the mornings, normally just a breakfast bar if I remember, so by lunch I’m starving.

I usually have my biggest meal at lunchtime when I’m at my flat so I might pop into the shops to get some fresh ingredients if I fancy something in particular. Or even go to my local takeaway to treat myself to fish and chips or pizza.

Mornings are when I use my brain the most. By 3 pm I usually ‘hit the wall’. This is a phrase to basically describe my ‘I don’t want to do anything phase of the day. So in the mornings, it’s particularly key for me to get all of the important things I need to do done!

If I’m starting a new project, be it a blog series, a new #MarketYourMarketing workshop or a home DIY I’ll start it first thing in the morning.

If I want to socialise or hang out I’ll do it in the afternoon. So, note to all friends and family if you want me – call me at 12pm! Not before.

What’s your morning routine like? Has it changed since COVID hit? Are you like me, and an early bird? Or do you struggle to get out of bed and into work mode? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Morning Routine Remote Working Edition

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