My Happy Places

My Happy Places

My Happy Places

Since we’ve been in lockdown for 285 years – it feels like it at least – I thought I would walk you through my happy places.

These are places that I feel most myself, or where happy memories can be extremely comforting.

Warner Bros Studio: Harry Potter Tour

My go-to Happy Place is the Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter Tour. Since Harry Potter first came out in film when I was four and finished when I was sixteen, it perfectly encapsulates my childhood in one neat series. As such, I feel a big connection to the studio tour. I’ve been five times in total and plan on going back as soon as lockdown is lifted to reconnect with my childhood self.

Charing Cross Road, London

Charing Cross Road is the best road in the entire of London. Not only is it connected to the West End at one enough and Trafalgar square at the other, it also links off to China Town, many notable galleries and houses the best bookshops in all of London. From Foyles to secondhand and antiquarian bookstores. It’s a goldmine of history, books and that good ol’ London vibe.

Faversham Town Centre

I’m originally from Faversham in Kent, not that I’ve lived there for over twenty years! But I still consider it my hometown. It’s kind of stuck in the eighties, but looks like a Tudor village but I love it. The town centre has not been updated since probably 1991. The newest store is a Superdrug. It’s made up of old-worldy bookstores, cafes, local museums and countless artisan independent stores. If you’re looking for something specific you’re unlikely to find it, but if you’re after a browse you’ll likely stumble upon something interesting.

Waterstones Piccadilly

I would be remiss not to include a bookstore in my happy places list. My favourite bookshop to hang out in is Waterstones Piccadilly. There’s a small cafe on the mezzanine of the first floor, and it’s the best place to people watch and write. I used to go here when I was editing mostly. There used to be a lot of great bookish events here as well, and fingers crossed they return when the bookstores reopen in the future.


A bit of an choice, but the MoMa – or the Museum of Modern Art – in New York City is a happy place of mine. I’ve been twice; the first time with my best friend Freyja and the second time on my own. It houses some of the most famous pieces of modern artwork in the world, from Jackson Pollock’s, Andy Warhol’s Soupcans and Salvador Dali. There’s also Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh which is a personal favourite of my best friends. I love the vibe of the MoMa and the beauty that it holds in the middle of a bustling city.

There we have it though, those are my happy places. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Happy Places


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