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My Graduation

I have officially graduated!

I took the day off work and went back to Hertfordshire with my dad and a very close family friend to attend my Graduation! I have Graduated!
I got a first-class degree in History and Creative Writing and I had to wear the silly outfit in 29-degree heat! Although I barely felt the heat after being in New York last weekend – British people don’t know heat until they’ve been abroad!
It was a great day out!
Graduation 1

The Day

I hadn’t been excited prior to the ceremony, as I didn’t know what to expect, and also I am the youngest of three university graduates so it didn’t seem that big of a deal.
Alsomy mother couldn’t come so I was a bit down on the idea but since she’s just had an operation on her foot and her last attempt to attend a graduation, my sisters, involved her having a massive asthma attack she thought it best not to go.
The day itself started with a drive back to the university. From there a bus ride into a different part of the county as the Graduation itself is held at the beautiful St Albans cathedral! I then had to find my robes, get pictures taken, put on my extremely high heels – for me – and find my girl gang!
Graduation 2

There were a lot of photos, a lot of laughs and I couldn’t help but be silly in the cathedral when they started to play what sounded like the Star Wars theme tune, but wasn’t when the academic procession started and all my old tutors came wandering past in what must be the silliest if traditional, of outfits!

The Graduation Ceremony

The ceremony itself was rather quick. Katherine Bellingham received an honorary Doctorate for science. She had previously been a child’s TV presenter in the 90s, and didn’t we know it! She gave a short speech, in which she unequivocally broke into tears, and then the rolling of awards was given out.
When I went on stage I didn’t trip, impressively, and I had a lengthy-ish conversation with the pro-chancellor about my degree, which was rather nice.
Meeting the Dean
Afterward came the hat-throwing!
The first attempt was great, then for some reason, it just got worse.
The Girls and I

I didn’t get a chance to see everyone, unfortunately, and then everyone had to leave rather quickly to make way for the next ceremony and to get to the planned family dinners.

But I had such a lovely day and I was so happy to spend it with some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. I just hope we all stay in touch and continue to be the naughty Riot Gang – we messed about in our History of Riots lecture, we’re not some feminist incarnation of the Kray twins – as I love’em so much!
All that is left to say is well done to all those wonderful people who graduated! Onwards and upwards my friends!
Love Ellie x

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