My Favourite TikTok Influencers

My Favourite TikTok Influencers

My Favourite TikTok Influencers

I’ve recently really got into TikTok. I post every day and making videos is easy, fun, and therefore quite addictive. But to create videos you need to watch videos. I’ve watched quite a few of late, and today I thought I would share a list of my favourite TikTok influencers.

Favourite TikTok Influencers

Caitlin and Leah

These two are such a cute couple and they have a baby on the way. Their content is so wholesome and sweet. And since announcing their pregnancy through IVF I’ve become quite invested in their posts.


Riley is obsessed with ducks. She’s the most adorable Scottish toddler, and hilarious to boot, and her obsession with the colour yellow knows no bounds. Her mum is amazing, and if you want to see the cutest video ever, watch the video from when her mum decorated her room. It provides all the aww feels.


For fans of Harry Potter, this is the TikTok channel for you. Chanel does the best Maggie Smith impersonations and in the silliest of scenarios. From riding scooters in a car park and yelling ‘Do your duty, protect our school’. To pretending to talk to characters at their funerals. McGonagall at Snape’s funeral is particularly hilarious.


If you like theatre then you’ll love Hannah’s content. She used to be an aspiring West End actress working in Tesco and Doughnut time. Now she is a successful off-West End actress, and doing amazing! She’s a great singer and a fantastic comedian, so well worth a follow.


Olivia tests cosmetics products on her channel. But I actually discovered her because of a vulnerable video she did whilst an in-patient in a psychiatric hospital. Her videos are strangely calming and very informative if you’re interested in cosmetics.

Those are my top favourite TikTok influencers. Although there are plenty of other creators whose videos I really enjoy. The Costa Drive-Thru video is a recent favourite of mine.

Who are your favourite TikTok influencers? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Favourite TikTok Influencers

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