My Favourite Christmas Food

My Favourite Christmas Food

My Favourite Christmas Food

One of the best things about Christmas is the food. We all know it. My sister’s favourite moment of Christmas is waking up on Christmas Day to the smell of Roast Beef.

My Favourite Christmas Food

Today for Blogmas I wanted to share a list of my favourite Christmas foods.

Heroes Boxes

Every year my mum buys Heroes boxes and puts them on the coffee table. And every year she has to buy a new one for Christmas Day as I’ve already eaten all the best chocolates. I leave the Wispas and Fudges, but the rest are mine!

Pigs in Blankets

My brother gets to claim most of these on Christmas Day as he doesn’t eat much else, but I get my fair share. Who doesn’t love Pigs in Blankets, covered in gravy and bread sauce?

Yorkshire puddings

Yorkshire puddings always taste better on Christmas Day than any other day. It’s nature’s law.

Chocolates off the Tree

My sister has never forgiven me for one year eating all of the chocolates off the tree and leaving the wrappers on to make it seem like they were still there. Now it’s a rarity for me to get the chocolates off the tree, but they taste amazing.

After Eight mints

It’s always after eight somewhere, so we’re always eating After Eights over Christmas. Who needs to wait until after coffee?

Chocolate coins in my stocking

The first thing we’re allowed to open on Christmas Day is our stockings. And yes, we still live by the rules although we’re all in our late twenties. We always get chocolate coins in our stockings – except for one year, and we all revolted as a result. You need chocolate coins at Christmas.

Roast Beef

Like my sister, I love waking up on Christmas Day to the smell of Roast Beef in the oven. My mum is always up super early on Christmas Day to get the Roast ready for Christmas lunch. We have Turkey and Beef on Christmas Day, but it’s the beef that’s the best in my opinion.

Roast Gammon Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas we have Roast Gammon with mashed potato, vegetables and parsley sauce. It really triggers the excitement in me, as we also eat at the dinner table – which is usually a first for the year.

Bread sauce

People think my family are very odd for loving bread sauce – and I mean loving it, half of my meal is bread sauce on Christmas Day. But every time I make it for someone they fall in love with it as well. It’s delicious

Chocolate mousse

And finally, chocolate mousse. I don’t like Christmas pudding or Trifle – yes, I know that’s sacrilegious. But my mum makes an amazing chocolate mousse and it only comes out on special occasions like Christmas or family parties so it’s a proper treat. It also has a lot of alcohol in it, so…

What is your favourite Christmas food? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Favourite Christmas Food

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