Millennial Money: Why We Don’t Have Any

Millennial Money: Why We Don’t Have Any

This week’s episode of This Millennial Mess is all about Money, or millennial lack thereof.

I’m discussing the housing marketing crisis, the effect of social media on our finances and millennial tendencies to focus more on life experiences and consumerism than saving.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, we millennials are actually better at finances than we think we are. It’s not all avocado on toast or ‘real coffee’, it’s genuine hard-graft to be financially solvent.

Whilst many people – particularly Baby Boomers – will say I we millennials just stopped buying pretentious coffees we would be millionaires. No, we would be just like them – still broke.

Using the advice from various books as well as statistics from recent newspaper articles on millennial money, this episode includes my three top tips on how to stay afloat when times are tough and what to do to get ahead of financial issues that are natural and, unfortunately, common.

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