Day in the Life of a London Commuter

Day in the Life of a London Commuter

Day in the Life of a London Commuter

Most of my week is taken up from work, but the rest of the time (feels like) is spent commuting. I am a typical London commuter and today I thought I would share my routine.

This is my typical day – Monday to Friday – as a London commuter.

6:15 am – my horrible alarm goes off.

6:25 am – I force myself from my bed and begin the Battle of the Bathroom with my older sister. I win as I have to leave first.

6:35 am – Make-Up time! I usually put on Netflix or YouTube at this point to wake myself up a bit.

6:50 am – I am out of the door, walking to the bus stop.

6:58 am – I catch the bus (and by bus I mean mini-van)

7:10 am – a scheduled stop for the bus driver to fill time since we haven’t picked up another passenger.

7:20 am – a 10 minute scheduled stop before the drivers need a break this early in the morning. I get off at this point as my stop is the following stop and it’s quicker to walk than wait on the bus for another 10 minutes!

7:30 am – the Battle of the platform begins. I have my designated position and usually, there’s only one other person but sometimes – like on days when the train before gets canceled – the platform is so full I have to wait on the stairs.

7:36 am – The train arrives. High-speed. Usually with seats to spare. I prepare myself – iPod off and Phone pocketed. This is War.

7:40 am – I have either left on the 7:36 am or I am licking my wounds and waiting for the 7:44 am.

Let’s imagine I got my usual train at 7:36 am though.

Train Journey: I watch a downloaded Netflix TV Show – currently I’m watching Suits – or I’ll listen to an audible book. I’m too tired to concentrate on anything else.

8:17 am – Arrival in London. I have 13 minutes to get to the office. Time to rush for the tube.

8:29 am – I’m usually pulling into Baker Street Station and frantically heading for work. My earphones are on full blast and no one can stop me!

8:33 am – I get to the office.

My day begins! Coffee, emails, general chatter, phone calls, more emails, blogging, and social media! Then…


I always head out of the office at lunch, even if it’s just for a walk. Usually, I head to Tescos and buy myself a meal deal or a ready meal to warm up in the microwave. The glory days of Pret A Manger have faded I’m afraid.

I then go back to the office, plug-in in my earphones, and watch some more Netflix before turning off the screen and doing some writing.

1:45 pm – Back to work. Emails, Social Media, Phone Calls, Reports, research, and scanning! Yippee.

5 pm – Time to go home! Or in my case…back to commuting.

5:21 pm – Back to the Station.

5:37 pm – On the train, back to my hometown. I normally read on the way home.

6:20 pm – Arrive home.

6:21 pm – Lucky enough to catch a bus straight away.

6:50 pm – Back home.

7:30 pm – Dinner and the News.

8:15 pm – To my bedroom to watch more Netflix, or do more writing and reading.

10:00 pm – To bed.

The End.

Life as a London Commuter is rarely exciting I’m afraid. On occasion, I go out after work with my co-workers or meet my bestie for a coffee and catch up at her work or mine. And even more occasionally I go to events.

Last week I went to a Q&A at Foyles, before that I’ve attend an SYP event and other publishing events. The next big thing on the calendar is the London Book Fair! Let me know if you’re going!

Hopefully, in the near future, when I move to London I’ll have more exciting things to blog about than the commute. Watch this space.

Love Ellie x Commuter

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