Living Room Tour | London Flat Tour

Living Room Flat Tour

Living Room Tour | London Flat Tour

Two years ago I shared a Studio London Flat Tour on my blog – and was featured in Metro! Now, I’m about to share my Living Room Tour of my relatively new one-bedroom flat in London. This is part of a new series of London Flat Tour blog posts I’ll be doing as and when I decorate each room.

My Living Room isn’t 100% done. I still want to get a rug for my ‘dining’ area and my parents are treating me to a wall-hung TV as a belated birthday present. I’m also interested in potentially painting an accent wall as well. But, as I’m currently too busy and too broke those things will have to wait.

London Flat Tour 2020

For now, though, this is what my living room looks like on a day-to-day basis.

The Living Area

First up is the living area portion of my living room. Because of COVID, and general space, my living room is my office, living area and dining room. Thankfully, it’s big enough not to be cluttered or crowded!Living Room London Flat Tour

The colour theme for this room is pink and grey. Yes, I have a colour theme. Sue me.

The sofa is a three-seater with an adjustable chaise lounge. I got it from Dunelm Mill for under £275 – while it was on sale! Absolutely steal. It’s great for napping, lounging, working… everything I need from it.

These cushions are from Dunelm Mill, Store 21, Primary and TK Maxx. The many blankets are throws I’ve accumulated over the years from various stores and raffle prizes! I use them as general throws and blankets for texture and comfort.

The coffee table is from IKEA and is only £17, and the rug beneath it is also IKEA and was £25.

As you can tell, the theme of this room is budget-renter-friendly!

The Gallery Wall

I’ve always wanted a Gallery Wall, and so now I have one in pretty much every room. It’s cheap to create, and genuinely pretty. I love it.

Gallery Wall London Flat Tour

All of these prints are from Desenio which I am a brand ambassador for – not sponsored FYI. This is not complete, I want to add more print along the bottom to even out the shape, but at £6-£15 each I prefer to get them over time. Also, new prints come in then so I can update my theme.

I have a mix of A5 to A2 posters on my wall, and they make the best background. Keeping to the grey, pink and white theme was also super easy.

The Office Space

So, like many of us, I’m working from home pretty much full-time right now. This may or may not change in the future so I decided to invest in proper furniture and kit.

Previously, I was working on my Mac laptop via my dining table without any additional equipment. However, in the last few weeks, I have received a keyboard and mouse from my work and I invested in an affordable wider desk for comfort.

Desk Tour

The desk is actually a Linmon desk from IKEA atop trestles. I’m going to be getting bamboo legs from IKEA as well – but at £52 for four I’m budgeting for those. As it is, this desk is fine for now and only cost me £25 in total.

The chair is a set of two velvet pink chairs I purchased before the lockdown from Amazon. They were £45, reduced from £95 as they had a minor fault which I still can’t find! They’re super comfy and really soft, so whilst not a ‘desk’ chair, still entirely fine to use for now.

I’ve moved my mood board from my bedroom to my desk, as previously it had all my early 2020 visions of travel on. Of course, I’m not travelling anywhere for the foreseeable future. So, I updated it with my renewed vision for the remainder year and actually, it’s very career based. Perfect decor for my desk.

Desk Tour

I don’t have a monitor right now, so to elevate my laptop I have used hardback books in no particular genre or order. Same for the books holding up my Bluetooth connector to my keyboard and mouse.

The Dining Area

My dining area is a cross between a dining table and a library. For me, anyway. I wanted to keep my work and eating areas separate, as there is no worse than eating Al Desko at lunch.

Dining Area

This table was from IKEA and was at my previous flat. My landlord said I could take it with me, which was very nice of him.

The ottoman is actually going out on my patio when my garden is finished. It was £17 from Wilkos. For now, it works nicely as a bench for when I come in from going to town or out for exercise etc. A good place to put my shoes on and throw down my bag.

The plant, as with all my plants, is artificial and from Matalan for only £5! The laptop is my ‘work’ laptop that I use to access the server, but I don’t use it my day-to-day so it sits here when I’m not using it to keep my desk clutter-free.

The Library

Okay, it’s not really a library but I call it my library. I love this set of shelves I got from IKEA. Very affordable Billy bookcases which I put together to hold all of my books, notebooks and ephemeral home decor.

Library London Flat

Of course, these aren’t all my books. I have a collection of red-spine vintage classics at my parent’s house. And in my bedroom in the flat, I have a smaller Billy bookcase which stores all of my proofs and workbooks.

The shelves in my library are organised by genre and in A-Z. I previously had them as colour scheme and it didn’t work as I had so many white and red books but not many of any other colour. I prefer genre-based anyway, it’s a lot easier to find everything.

Also on my shelf, for the time being, is the Nibbies Book Award for Imprint of the Year for Avon!

Nibbies Imprint of the Year Avon

The Avon team recently met up for a celebratory lunch, as we won Imprint of the Year at the beginning of July. The award was passed to me to look after for the time being. Each person in the team has the chance to look after it individually until we’re back in the office full-time and can find it a place of honour. But I had to include it in my London Flat Tour – it’s so shiny!

So that, for the time being anyway, is my living room! As I said, I still have many plans to update it and make it more ‘me’. But, as a renter-friendly home, it’s good so far and very comfortable.

Let me know what you think of this London flat tour, and if you have any home decor tips for me in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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