Life as a Graduate | University

Life as a Graduate

Life as a Graduate | University

Last Thursday I did my final ever exam at university! I’M FREE! And it’s terrifying. But I’m celebrating by treating myself to some university merchandise; you can get some great ‘Class of’ merchandise at Jostens. But I digress. I’m officially a graduate. And now begins the work experience placements in publishing.

University Freedom

I had the first set of ‘feels’ today – I wanted to cry on the tube whilst commuting to my work experience as I felt I was doing slave labour. All I really wanted was to snuggle up in bed, and catch up on sleep or watch Harry Potter! It was a mini-meltdown.

However, it’s not that bad.

I finished University on Thursday, the day after being politely dismissed from my internship at the literary agency. I was very sad to leave this internship, but they’ve hired someone with more experience to do my job as they enter a busy period. But when one door closes, another opens…

On Thursday during my exam, I missed a phone call (thankfully my phone was off during my exam!) The call was from a lovely lady over at Penguin Random House offering me a two-week work placement at the PRH imprint Transworld. It was in the publicity and marketing department!

I started Monday.

That was a quick turnaround after losing an internship. And so far, after three days, the work experience placement is going well. Although, unlike many of my friends, I have had no break between university finals and working.

Graduate Expectations

Work Experience at Penguin Random House

Upon finishing my exam on Thursday, I and a group of friends went out for a little celebratory meal, aka the Riot Squad! (love ’em!). During the meal, I finally read my emails and learned about Penguin, so that was great. But I also put a halt to my ‘recovery period’ after exams, and bought a ticket on the fast lane to LIFE.

On Monday I was up at 6 am – 6 AM!!! – to get into London during rush hour to get from Hertfordshire to Ealing Broadway, which is at the end of the line on the Central Line. it takes me two hours to get there (if there’s no traffic/problems)… and after three days I’m knackered.

It’s a really great placement though.

As for work experience, I haven’t actually got that much to do unless the office is busy with a large campaign. Or they have a load of books to be sent out.

The majority of my tasks have been:

–       Mailing… so much mailing (good thing I enjoy it)

–       Creating Press Releases, Flyers, and Showcards (glorified posters)

–       Helping authors sign pre-order copies of their books

But it has been fun, and really relaxed.

On my first day, I got a little bottle of gin as a welcome gift. On my second I got bucks fizz and doughnuts at 11 am (Transworld won the best publisher at the Book Baftas and they celebrated). And at lunch, the whole team, including me, got treated to fish and chips by one of the directors, as she too had one a ‘Book Bafta’.

Everyone is so lovely, welcoming, and kind. And they make me tea and coffee, and not the other way around. I was not expecting that.

Graduate Life expectations

Graduate Life begins

I will keep you up to date – as best I can – as I do work experience, internships, and invigilating jobs. The latter is the job from hell which pays the bills – although I have no bills, yet. Plus all the other wonderful/not-so-wonderful things that 18 years of full-time education does not prepare you for.

Here goes.

Let life begin

Love Ellie x

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Life as a Graduate

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