Latest Monthly Favourites – March 2023

Latest Monthly Favourites - March 2023

Latest Monthly Favourites from March 2023

So March 2032 has come and gone, and I was very busy this month. But I still found time to enjoy some TV, music and drink. Some of which are now favourites. As such, here are my latest monthly favourites.

Latest Monthly Favourites

Daisy Jones & The Six (Amazon Prime)

No surprise the limited series of Daisy Jones & The Six is on the list. The first three episodes aired in early March and I dropped everything to watch them. It’s a brilliant adaptation of Taylor Jenkin Reid’s incredible book and I loved every second of it. The music is fantastic, the casting is on-point and I love the drama! I think my favourite song is The River, it is so similar to Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon. 

Shadow & Bone – Season 2 (Netflix)

The second series of Shadow & Bone dropped, finally. And it was really good. I watched it over a few days, and I liked the plot twists and the acting. Jesper is still my fave, but I really enjoyed learning more about Kaz in this series.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

I can’t believe that after three years of saying I would read A Little Life, I’m finally reading A Little Life! As a treat for a very busy month, I bought myself front-row tickets to the 3-hour+ epic play that is coming to London in a few weeks. But before I see it, I want to read the book. So I’ve dived into the paperback and ebook – sometimes the paperback is just too heavy! – and I’m about 20% of the way through so far. It’s not quite heartbreaking yet, but I know it’s coming.


I recently had a Desperado for the first time – I know, where have I been – and I really liked it. I’ve treated myself to a little 3-pack recently, and it was very nice to chill with a beer, a takeaway and a good movie. Remember to drink responsibly. This was just a treat for me, but a refreshing one after a long day.

Bowie Legacy (vinyl album)

I’ve been blasting my Bowie Legacy album on my BUSH record player recently – mostly to cover the noise of my neighbours! – but it’s really awesome having Dancing in the Street and Heroes as the soundtrack to my life. Very inspiring.

Marc Jacobs handbag

I recently treated myself to a Marc Jacobs handbag, from eBay. It’s the real deal, has the dust bag and everything, and has never been used. My favourite thing about it is that it’s the bag from The Devil Wears Prada! I love that.

What have been your monthly favourites in March 2023? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Latest Monthly Favourites - March 2023

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