Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas. If you haven’t got your Christmas presents yet, then today is the day and I’m here to help. Here is a last-minute Christmas gift guide anyone can use.

It’s unlikely that the presents will arrive before Christmas Day unless from Amazon Prime, this week so try and go out and see if you can get some of these items for friends and family.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide


Considered a slight cop-out gift, people still love chocolate so don’t worry if you have to go down this route. Children will love the chocolate selections or a tube of sweets. For an older friend or family member try going down the fancier route, or getting their absolute favourites. If you can, try to go down the Hotel Chocolat or Lindt route over the Cadbury’s or Galaxy way.


If you know someone who loves a bottle of bubbly get them some. Alcohol is expensive but we drink a lot of it over Christmas, so sometimes having someone gift us a bottle of our favourite Prosecco or Chardonnay is all we want. It can either save a little money for New Year or give the recipient their own bottle they don’t have to share. Perfect.


Vouchers are another cop-out route, but again there’s a reason we still love to receive them. After spending so much money over Christmas, knowing that we have a voucher to spend in the New Year is sometimes all we need. Again think of the children-to-adult ratio. The younger they are the smaller amount you can get, and the older they are think about adding a little more to the balance or getting a voucher for a fancier or more useful store.


Struggling to get a physical gift in December? Then go for an experience in January. Think about getting tickets for 2 to the theatre, ballet or opera. Getting the fanciest cinema tickets you can for a movie you know someone you love wants to see. Tickets to the zoo or a theme park for a child in your life, or tickets to a concert you know a teenager would love to go to. There are also the slightly quirkier things like reservations to Dans Le Noir – a restaurant set completely in the dark – to going to a rage room or floatation therapy. See what you can find and go with it.


These gifts are ironic if you’re buying your gifts last minute, but I’ve found a good fallback for a last minute gift is to buy organisation gifts for adults friends and family. There are always New Year Planners available, calendars, to-do lists or notebooks you can buy. Whilst not the most exciting gift these are still useful and can be a good choice when you’re not sure what else to buy.

I hope these last minute gifts help you out. If you have any other suggestions pop them in the comments box below.

Merry Christmas!

Love Ellie x

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