Exciting Announcement | I’ve Got a New Job in Publishing

I've Got a New Job in Publishing

Moving to Bonnier: I’ve Got a New Job in Publishing!

Yes, you’re reading that right. After three years at Avon, HarperCollins I have got a new job. I am now the Head of Fiction Marketing at Bonnier Books UK, working on the Zaffre and Manilla Press lists.

I started on the 1st June, and have been loving every second. My new colleagues are fantastic and have been so welcoming. Plus, the authors I’m working with have been a delight.

I’m beyond excited to share this career news.

Bonnier is an incredible independent publishing house with 17 imprints including Bonnier Zaffre, Manilla Press, Hot Key Books, and many others. Their roster of authors is fantastic. I’m thrilled to be getting the opportunity to work on campaigns for the likes of T.M. Logan, Stacey Halls, Liz Hyder, Inga Vesper, and so many other gifted authors!

As with any new job, leaving Avon and the incredible writers I’ve worked with and watched grow over the last three years behind was hard. But like many people post-COVID – and approaching their Saturn Return! – I felt like I needed a new challenge, and the Head of Fiction Marketing role opened up at just the right time.

I’ve made fantastic friends at Avon – a special shout-out to Sammy and Hannah! – but one of the good things about publishing being so London-centric is that I’m only ever down the road from my old offices. I’ve already chatted, bumped into, and met up with many of my old colleagues.

Starting my new job in publishing.

I left Avon, typically on my three-year anniversary. And the last book I worked on was by the same author whose debut book was the first book I worked on when I arrived at Avon. Everything felt like it came full circle.

The team at Avon supplied me with a fantastic leavers card and lovely messages. And I want to share a special shout-out to my team-mate Elisha for all her hard work organising my gift. Also, for coming into the office on my last Friday especially to give me some flowers and my card in person. I’m not good with fuss and I had planned a quiet exit, and her surprise visit as I cleared my desk honestly made my day.

It’s always anxiety-inducing to start a new job, as well as extremely exciting. I have felt invigorated by the change, which was exactly what I needed post-COVID. I’m looking forward to growing and learning in my new role and utilizing all the new opportunities it affords me.

Thank you to everyone who has congratulated me online. I can’t wait to tell you more about my time and experience at Bonnier. More to come on that soon…

Love Ellie x

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I've Got a New Job in Publishing

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