Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social

Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social

Hello and welcome to my brand new podcast This Millennial Mess

This podcast is for twenty-something millennials navigating life amidst Brexit, Trump, social media, and much, much more.

The first episode of this season is all about social media and whether or not it is making us anti-social.

Is social media making us anti-social?

Have you ever used social media to motivate yourself to live a better life than someone else? Ever decided to go on a trip or attend an event solely to get a good Instagram shot? Every spent longer than 3 hours scrolling through Twitter in one day? Then this is the episode for you.

Each week on This Millennial Mess I will be discussing a topic relevant to millennials and our everyday lives. Basically breaking down the coming-of-age process and making sure we’re living life to the full… Just kidding, this is a podcast for introverts on their commute who want to know they’re not screwing up life. Trust me, you’re not!

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In this episode I explore:

  • 0.25 – Who the hell am I
  • 1:05 – Who are millennials and am I one?
  • 1:40 – Why I use social media
  • 2:05 – Mental health effects of social media
  • 2:52 – Millennials and their experience of social media
  • 4:04 – My experience with social media
  • 5:36 – Social media and its effects on our social lives
  • 6:17 – Healthy ways to use social media
  • 6:53 – Comparison Syndrome
  • 7:45 – What would I be thinking if social media didn’t exist?
  • 8:35 – Where is our social life based now?


Are we using social media to be social?


Why you should do a social media detox

Love Ellie x

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