How to Tackle Burnout in Lockdown

How to Tackle Burnout in Lockdown

How to Tackle Burnout in Lockdown

Lockdown is not fun, and it’s been really easy to slip into burnout. I’ve experienced burnout during my experience of living in lockdown, and that doesn’t add to the fun either! To help, here is a post on how to tackle burnout in lockdown.

How to tackle burnout in lockdown

Change your surroundings

It’s the simplest thing but it can do wonders. Simply moving from one side of the table to the other can be helpful, if you’re in a smaller space. If you’re in a larger space try moving upstairs, and if you have outdoor space move outside. A new surrounding can do wonders for your productivity and energy levels.

Find a project

When you’re not working you can’t just sit around and do nothing, you need a project. It doesn’t need to be something massive like writing a book or learning a language, but by all means, try it. A project could be building a new neighbourhood in The Sims 4, walking 10,000 steps a day for a month, doing a major decluttering, or something like reading your book bucket list. You need to have something to work on to fill the time. And it doesn’t need to be expensive!

Talk to people – colleagues/friends/family – about it

When experiencing burnout, share it! When I felt burnout I told my boss and my family, and I felt better about it. They were aware and tried to help me out as best as they could. My boss talked to me about my workload and my parents tried to get me out of the house more and do things together. It helps.

Socialise at a social distance

Lockdown has not been great for socialising. Zoom is fine, for a while, but I’ve missed seeing people in person. As the lockdown eases I’m feeling more able to see people, within a safe distance and with masks and PPE like gloves (which can be purchased from Unigloves) and visors, etc. It makes a lot of difference to speak to someone in person! I spent an hour talking to a lovely woman from Which on my doorstep the other day, and she and I both said how starved we were for conversation and how much better we felt for just chatting at a safe distance about nonsense.

Do something new, even when you don’t feel like it

When you have burnout you don’t want to do anything. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, you just don’t. But you have to. So get out and do something basic like a walk to the shop, or a long shower with a full skincare routine. Or cooking a big dinner instead of something quick and easy, or take-out.

Clean and clear away anxieties

When you worry, you suffer twice. If you feel anxious about something deal with it somehow. Check in on people you’re anxious about in the current situation i.e. those that are shielding or are struggling with mental health during the lockdown. Speak your anxieties out loud, don’t let them circle in your head. This is where they gain the most power.

Re-visit past successes for motivation

One thing I find really helpful is looking back at past successes in order to motivate myself to try new things or to re-start a project. As a writer, I’m lucky I have a portfolio I can dip into to see this, but others might need to revisit their Facebook photos or old emails about successful job interviews or past grades from university etc. Remind yourself how good you are at your job, side hustle, or hobby and you’ll get a burst of energy to propel you through your burnout.

That’s how I tackle burnout, do you have any additional tips? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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How to Tackle Burnout

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