How to Save Money at University

How to Save Money at University

How to Save Money at University

Some easy-saving tips for the new University students.

Buy everything second hand and make it your own

I have clothes, books, shoes, handbags and even perfumes second-hand and most of it is really good stuff! I got a designer handbag for £6, a really comfy Jumper for £2. My university books were all under £10 and my normal reading books were generally free (Books for Free).
Ebay, Books for Free, Oxfam Bookshop, World of Books, Amazon, and charity shops are your friend people!

NUS card.

A lot of students don’t get an NUS card and that’s fine, but I found the savings to be worth it. An NUS costs £12 a year – you pay in one go and they send it to you. You get a discount at various shops. The best discounts for me were from Superdrug (10%) Co-Op (10%) and more recently Starbucks (10%) I am going to miss my NUS card when it runs out in a few weeks!

16-25 Railcard

If you have to take long train trips – be it to get home or to get London or internships – then a railcard is a good saver! I had to commute home on weekends to get to work and I also had an internship in London that cost a bomb. This card probably saved a minimum of £10 on each of those journeys and was really useful! It’s £65 for three years (roughly) but you can buy it year by year as well.

Amazon Prime Student

If you’re going to get it, get it as a student! Instead of £89 a year, it is £39! So much money is saved and the delivery is the bomb! I love it – and so my family who use it, mostly without asking first. You get next-day delivery, Amazon Prime Video – which is the same as Netflix but comes with this annual service – and the first 6 months are free. It is well worth it!

Utilise the Student Discounts

UniDays, the Concession prices at Cinemas. Flash the uni-card wherever you can! Particularly if you – like me – have to travel to museums and archives for University. You can get in free to these places all because you are in ‘education.

HC2 Certificate

In all likelihood, during your 3-4 years of university, you will need a prescription for something and it will cost you £8.40 for each prescription you buy. This does not include the pill or contraception, FYI. Filling out an HC2 form and actually sending it out (I kind of didn’t and I wish I did) could save you a lot of money!

Food – so many ways to save!

You don’t have to buy everything from Sainsbury’s Own. You also don’t need to buy it at the Student Union shop where a box of freezer chips for 1 meal will cost you £1.80! You can double up the shopping with your housemates – if you like them – or plan meals in advance. Go shopping at 6-7ish in the evening in order to pick up the sell-by-date food which is freezable and so much cheaper!

There are some tips on how to save money at university. Perfect for getting you through when you’re searching for a 20p for the Fredo bar you’ve been craving since a 9 am lecture!

Love Ellie x

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