How to Make Your Home Festive and Cosy in 2021

How to Make Your Home Festive and Cosy in 2021

How to Make Your Home Festive and Cosy in 2021

Whether you own your home, or you live in a rental, here are ways to make your home festive and cosy in 2021.

If you’re a solid Christmas fan, then it’s likely you’ve got a Christmas tree or some tinsel lying around. But here are some other ways to make your home festive.


Is there anything cosier than candlelight? Why not pop to a TK Maxx or a Yankee Candle shop and find some Christmas scented candles you like. I personally like anything that smells like cranberry and cinnamon at Christmas. Friends of mine like the smell of Christmas cookies and sugar. Whether you prefer sweet or warm scents, a candle in the background or on the coffee table can make a home instantly festive and cosy at Christmas.


When I think of centerpieces I think of bowls of fruits or flower arrangements. But alternatively, you can get a solid Christmas centerpiece that draws the eye and simply looks pretty. Bloom & Wild sells a gorgeous centerpiece with a festive scented wreath and four candles. If wreaths aren’t your thing, try a tealight holder instead like this one from Dunelm.

Christmas Posters

If you’ve got posters or artwork hanging in your house, you can easily swap them out for some Christmas decor. I recommend checking out the Christmas range at Desenio. They often run 3 for 2 deals and their posters are of fantastic quality and really affordable.

Fairy Lights

It’s a time-honored Christmas tradition to sit on the floor and untangle fairy lights for the Christmas tree. Why not untangle some more and string up fairy lights elsewhere around the house. Maybe across a bookshelf, or around a mirror? Or simply in a mason jar on the window sill or mantelpiece.

Cushions & Linens

And finally, change up your cushions and linens with some Christmas versions. Matalan sells some lovely ones, or H&M sells cushion covers if you have some inner padding available? And if you prefer a cosy cuddly blanket, Marks & Spencers have a fantastic array available.

Those are my recommendations for how to make a home festive and cosy this Christmas. What suggestions would you make? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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How to Make Your Home Festive and Cosy in 2021

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